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Re: Editorial on Buddha Destruction

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Sanjai Kukreti wrote:
 of Indian media tend to engage in India-bashing, and in any
 Indo-Pakistani dispute they will vilify India and leave Pakistan
 blameless. Note a similar tone in the Russian media. Both have a
 tendency to wear their anti-national attitudes as a badge of pride. No
 matter how ugly the outside adversary is, they will always bash their
 own country first. It's very useful to understand where the sympathies
 of such "enlightened liberals" lie.

I don't get your point. The USSR is responsible to an extent to what's
come about in Afghanistan. India too is responsible to a great extent to

what's happened in Kashmir. Neither of them are do-gooders. Just like
other greedy nation both of them have been aggressive. I submit I am not

aware of the historical facts to the details, and I ask you to clarify
you think to the contrary. I believe, both the nations have been
without a good invitation; and eventually sustained that violence
contributing a good part to the current state of affairs. I am proud of
country where it behaves non-violently and in respect to world law (not
merely international law). And no this is not a self-hating Indian here.
believe we are wrong is holding the Kashmiris without their consent.
Perhaps the present manipulated numbers may not justify a correction of
that mistake, but I think it was a mistake when it was first made and we

cannot ever remain in peace if we don't recognise and resolve that, the
unscrupulous and unethical Pakistanis notwithstanding. I look forward to

your exposition here.


Padmanabha Rao

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