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Re: Time to Take Sides in Afghanistan

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
On Sat, 10 Mar 2001, Sanjai Kukreti wrote:
 Taking Sides in Afghanistan
 By REUEL MARC GERECHT - The New York Times 3/8/01
 ..Afghanistan, we have only one option. Play realpolitik the
 old-fashioned way. Taliban leaders truly fear only one thing: the
 possibility that Afghanistan's many tribes will put aside their
 differences and unite to topple them from power. As long as Mr. Massoud

 survives, he is a threat. Mr. Massoud, a devout Muslim, is
 unquestionably one of the greatest guerrilla commanders of our era. He
 detests the Taliban's treatment of women; he has no truck with Mr. bin
 Laden. A literate man, he is no doubt horrified by the most recent
 attack on Afghanistan's Buddhist patrimony.

Thanks for the pointer, Mr Kukreti. India too should silently campaign
this and contribute. It *is* time to take sides even for India given
Laden and his army is bent on a jehad here. But for that, we could have
remained in 'negotiated settlement with all parties'. Unfortunately we
will need to spend resources to counter it. And all because we spent
resources earlier (Kashmir) where it was uncalled for (please, I am not
afflicted with self-hatred disease of India). The statue-demolition
episode doesn't enamour a military posture as much as the intention to
a jehad does. The former is historical and therefore forgivable; infact
insignificant. A jihad today is criminal to the future and has to be
stopped, philosophically and physically. I agree India's foreign/defense

policy w.r.t Afghanistan has to have a military dimension in the main.
it should be so as a matter of policy, for ever.


Padmanabha Rao

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