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Re: Balco privatization?

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On Sun, 11 Mar 2001 sandeeph@iname.com wrote:
 The Balco controversy -- a wholly manufactured
 controversy, for this has been the most transparent
 deal ever -- should be a matter of concern to
 members of this list.

I have been able to read only the newspaper/tv reports on this. And
I have no information on the transparency whatsoever. I would be
if you could point to the sources (public/private) which provide you to
state as above. The issue needs to be set at rest by the joker and the
spectators alike. There was a brief mention in The Asian Age I guess,
the evaluator was chosen simply because he quoted the minimum price, and

secondly two contenders opted out of the tenders and thirdly one of the
three final tenders was a joker himself. I don't know the truth behind
these reports, just stating the counter allegations to Mr Shourie's
statements, to buttress my request to you for authentic sources, if you
know of any. Mr Shourie's files and not himself would be an authentic
source. As an aside I don't understand why a public-sector disinvestment

process should be mired in secrecy. It's totally crazy. Does anyone know

what's the rationale ? The media might be a crazy entity, but even a
of allegation has to be put to rest after a test by the government.


Padmanabha Rao

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