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RE: Education effect on economy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
        >Tell me can both of us participate in this discussion
        >if we knew only our mother tongue?

        Again.. MV :) Ofcourse not necessarily by studying in
         ' English Medium ' only. But just by studying english as one
subject !!!!!.

        And the respect, appreciation of value for ones own language can

        NEVER be achieved simply learning it as one of the subjects till

tenth grade.
        That is formative age bracket.We need vernacular medium.

        So, abolishing english MEDIUM up to 10th, then allow
        the same in professional courses to allow integration with
        technolgies across continents, - it EFFECTIVELY serves your
        of demolishing Pseudo-Caste system that currently exists.

        >Today can an artisan in Rajasthan sell the exquisite printed
        >fabric he *makes by hand* in Hydrabad, Chennai, Bangalore,
        >without getting exploited by middle men? Tell us can he if
        >he knows as much english as the members of IPI? When the
        >son/doughter of a artisan learns a common language of
        >communication though which he/she can reach out to people
        >in India and outside we are creating a sustainable *job
        >opportunity*, by which that person can practice the
        >traditional handicraft and prosper, this is true with
        >agriculture also, the farmers will be able to better
        >process/preserve their products and negotiate a better
        >price for his produce, they will not go and commit

Artisan can still communicate with any body in Hindi/English which he
 learnt as a subject.But  Not in that Medium.

        >.... when the education system shackles a person with
        >vernacular language education which does not help that
        >person to market his/her products all over India and the
        >world our education system is converting a *skilled* persons
        >to a *unskilled* persons, who flocks to the slums in the
        >cities in search of a livelihood.....

All this is EFFECTIVELY controlled by Enforcing SINGLE medium of
NOT necessarily English across the board.

        >The communication infrastructure like Internet, Cell phones,
        >etc. does not have any meaning unless the *skilled* traditional

        >artisan in Rajasthan cannot *talk/do business* with Shopkeepers

        >in Hydrabad, Bangalore, Chennai, London, New York, Singapore
        >or Tokyo.....think........

 He Can. Thousand times He Can. Are we not ?
 Enough to learn english as one of the subjects. May be make the pass
 45 or 50 instead of 35. That will work. No need to change the Medium
 even for the artisan to perform in a global market.
 The business men who deal with imports and exports
 across continents ( leave alone inter state) are all not necessarily
educated in
 'English Medium' schools. Rather they are hardly educated. But they
the roost
 in their business.They do use use cell phones, internet.. all that
you think
 is english english..Please come out of english slumber.

        >We can follow three/two language formula in our schools,
        >but the language of Instruction should be common in all the
AGREED. That is what I too Say.
> and it should be the same as the language of
> instruction in our universities.
Again  :) ..Not necessary AT ALL ! That was my point !
        Professional courses like medicine, engineering involve
        lot of technical vocabulary whose translation in to
        vernacular serves no purpose than some times making it look
absurd .
        >  That is the only way
        >people of India can preserve our traditional skill sets,
        >culture and prosper......

I am afraid to say you are under some kind of seige for english medium.
You seem to have a passion to promote english medium across the board
than really eliminating caste like disparities by eliminating medium
differences in
cities and villages. Think mathematically.You want to eliminate caste
in one stroke.You think.

All your apprehensions are resolved with this ->
   --Vernacular till 10th grade abolish english as medium till 10th,
   --English as medium only at +10 & university,
  -- Irrespective of public, private, residenstial schools.
     No body should kill peacocks.

Can you give licence to hunt tigers and peacocks in the wild in the name

of freedom and private enterprice ? Same way please do not think of
languages in the name of parents' freedom etc etc..to serve a dubious
        of clearing disparities.I am Sure it is not going to happen.
        I am almost sure my formula is close to workable and it Happens.


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