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Re: Education effect on economy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> From: Komaragiri, Param (Param)** CTR **
> For the Kind attention of Dr Sanjeev :
>  Dear MV
>  I fully endorse your view of common medium of education both in
>  Govt run schools and pvt schools,in  villages and towns,BUT can
>  not agree for English every where.The three language formula or
>  two language formula is enough to ensure inter state/inter national
>  communication.By insisting on English medium every where,
>  ( 1st to 16th standard) we are not achieving any extra
> communicability
>   between states and nations which is already otherwise achieved
>  by three language, two language formulae -- Rather we are killing
>  languages through erosion.
>  As a wise society that tries to protect its environment and wild
>  life , same way language and culture also need proactive role from
>  Govt for preservation.
>  They did nothing wrong in Kerala by switching to Vernacular from
>  English. In Dubai and Sharjah, I heard Official second language
>  status is given to Malayalam because of predominant keralites'
>  population there. Any reduction in prosperity, equanimity you find
> there ? .
>  I would support RESOUNDINGLY your views  * with admiration * that,
>   medium of  instruction disparity is another Caste System in
>  disguise and is eating in to the vitals of our growth prospects.
>  BUT... please do not Erode and KILL the vernacular languages .

Making the medium of instruction in schools all over India,
the same as the language of instuction in the universities
does not mean we should kill the vernacualr languages,
let us teach verancualr language in all the schools. The
common language need not be english, it can well be Hindi,
Telungu or any other language.....but to bring prosperity 
all students in our schools should have a common language
of instruction.....

Let us put a *full stop* to the *caste system* 3000+
years of Indian history has proved beyond doubt that
in a society, one group of people cannot exploit another
group of people on a *hereditary basis* and prosper for 
sustained period of time.... external forces will come 
plunder the wealth and subjugate all groups......

Let us stop the caste system and live/work as one Team,
as one NATION.....and prosper.....

>  You can see adultaration in every form of communication nowadays
>  by english. Look at every dialogue in a movie, every dialogue of a
>  young one, mixed up with english. If you think it is an indication
> of
>  prosperity or efficacy in terms of communicability across borders,
>  you are thoroughly mistaken. It is actually death of local languages
>   and cultures.If you are unmindful to preserve any language or
>  culture for that matter, that is a different issue. But dont weld it
>  with English from no where, and precipitate 'caste like disparity'
> issue
>  to prove your point.
>  Scrap English medium up to 10th grade. Keep English as just one of
>  languages from some 3rd or fourth grade.Give a choice at University
>  level for vernacular or english . That is enough to cater to all our
> needs .
>   It is absence of such policy that is detrimental to national
> interests.
>  Of course so long as there is one english medium school, properly
>  funded and maintained, a minister, big shot will always send his lad
>  to that school.

Tell us why does the big shot do it, will they
do it unless there is some advantage in doing it?

> But where do you think he would send if there is no
> such
>  school? The school where I studied is a perfect example.It was a
> well
>  funded christian missionary school, due to some upheavel in language
>  related issue, ' converted ' itself to Telugu medium.All local big
> shots
>  were sending their kids there. Then the language jolt subsided,
>  mushroom growth of english medium schools came up, every body
>  trecked conventionmal path again , of sending to english medium.
>  But my batch mates who were in IITs, IPS, and Apollos, overseas,
>  were no inferior to those english medium lads.It is just craze.

Simple fact is if there were more schools in the 
villages that used the same language for instruction
as the universities in India, you may have had whole 
set of *different friends*..... and India wouldn't have
to spend crores of Rupees collected by indirect taxation
(wealth created by poor people in the villages) to buy 
missiles from other countries...... We could use the 
money thus saved to pay better salaries to our 
bureaucrates so that they will not end up compromising
our nations security for few thousand rupees and gold
chains...... by the way if we had proper (using the
same language of instruciton as our universites) schools 
in the villages these creeps wouldn't have creept into
the system in the first place....

Lot of India's current problems like corruption are related 
to the existence of *Caste system in Education*

Human intelligence is uniformly distributed irrespective of
class, race, religion or social factors and follows the
*bell curve*, means that, a small number of people in any
population will be highly intelligent, most of the people
will be of average intelligence and small number may be
below average. The incidence of high intelligence is not
hereditary, but very random.

This is the real reason for all around mediocrity that
exist in India!  What else can we expect when majority
of  white collar work force is *mediocre* people who
masquerade as brilliant people.  These mediocre people
has high aspirations because they *believe* that they are
all brilliant people since they did the higher education
courses. What happens when *high aspirations* and
*mediocre capabilities* do not match?  These mediocre
people seek *short cuts* or they turn to *corruption*
to achieve their *aspirations* of better life style.

Mediocrity and corruption goes hand in hand. Because
of the mediocre white collar workforce India's national
productivity is low, this means that Govt. is not able
to collect enough tax to pay higher salary to it's employees.
So what does the mediocre employees do?  they start
collecting their own *tax* or *bribes* the *short cut*
to  achieve better life style than possible with
their mediocre ability.

So next time you see corruption know that people who
practice it are NOT *smart* people but *mediocre* people
trying to cover up their mediocrity with *short cut* of

The mediocrity of the white collar work force and the
corruption will continue as long as we practice *caste system*
in  Education, as long as the brilliant people are *shackled*
with vernacular medium education in  school level, when all
university education is in English medium.

As long as the *school* education and *university* education
are not in the same language of instruction, the *caste*
system will continue and India will languish in poverty and

>  What extra english you have learnt by studying social studies,
>  maths, science , geography in 'english' up to 10 th standard ?
>  Rather you would learn more of your own language and appreciate the
>  beauty of it if it was in your mother tongue.
>  That is the only oppurtunity than reading ,magazines,
>  news papers, story books to build ones knowledge in mother tongue's
>  formal form and appreciate its poetry, beauty, clarity.
>  You want to kill that ?

Tell me can both of us participate in this discussion
if we knew only our mother tongue? 

Today can an artisan in Rajasthan sell the exquisite printed 
fabric he *makes by hand* in Hydrabad, Chennai, Bangalore, 
without getting exploited by middle men? Tell us can he if 
he knows as much english as the members of IPI? When the
son/doughter of a artisan learns a common language of 
communication though which he/she can reach out to people
in India and outside we are creating a sustainable *job 
opportunity*, by which that person can practice the 
traditional handicraft and prosper, this is true with
agriculture also, the farmers will be able to better 
process/preserve their products and negotiate a better 
price for his produce, they will not go and commit suicide...... 

The *caste system in education* is shackling majority
people of India in the *vernacular medium* of education, 
that is driving many of our traditions to extinction, it
is also *stealing* the job opportunity from the people who
practice those traditional artforms/handicrafts. Think about
it..... when the education system shackles a person with 
vernacular language education which does not help that 
person to market his/her products all over India and the 
world our education system is converting a *skilled* persons
to a *unskilled* persons, who flocks to the slums in the 
cities in search of a livelihood..... 

Think a little deeper.... and you will understand my
suggesting to introduce a common language of education is
all our schools is to *empower* the people to preserve our
diverse traditions, skill sets, by equipping them to market 
their products and services all over India and globally,

The communication infrastructure like Internet, Cell phones, 
etc. does not have any meaning unless the *skilled* traditional
artisan in Rajasthan cannot *talk/do business* with Shopkeepers 
in Hydrabad, Bangalore, Chennai, London, New York, Singapore 
or Tokyo.....think........

>  You may never ever dream that ' Sanscrit ' is a dead language.
>  It may not be alive in verbal form every where.
>  It is there as authentic referance for those who appreciate its
> value.
>  Every one is not a Mathematician does not mean mathematics is dead.
>  Attitude against Sanscrit only shows ones hidden grouze against
>  some thing else.

The OPEN grouze is *only* against the caste system that
shackled development and prosperity in India for 
3000+ years.......

>  *****
>  I would  request Dr Sanjeev, for a policy guideline on our manifesto
> to
>  implement three/two language formula thoroughly,to FORCE all schools
>   up to 10th standard to have vernacular medium only, so that
> language erosion can
>  be curtailed and disparities between affluent and non -affluent
> communities
>  by way of english medium schools for rich and venacular medium
> schools
>  for poor does not continue any more.
>  *****

We can follow three/two language formula in our schools,
but the language of Instruction should be common in all the 
schools and it should be the same as the language of 
instruction in our universities.  That is the only way 
people of India can preserve our traditional skill sets, 
culture and prosper......


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