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Corruption in high places

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Least surprised about the tehelka episode. I have left India and the IAS
essentially to keep my integrity intact. In Australia, I am now working
with the Victorian government, and am astonished at the level of integrity
and use of IT. 

What India can never be, perhaps, Australia is, today. Three cheers to
honest countries and people like Australia/ns which give a place for people
like me to breathe in peace during our lifetime without the muck of
corruption pervading the environment.

I have decided never to return to India unless it is to help implement the
IPI manifesto and help MAKE India a great but honest superpower. I want to
play a role in cleaning up India forever, else I will let my bones and
painful hands burn and rot in Australia, a foreign land.

Those folks who are expressing astonishment or surprise at disclosures of
corruption have not been hearing me over these last 3 years since IPI was
started: India is almost beyond reform now. Corruption in high places is
99% pervasive. Change the electoral system, listen to folk like me who are
the among the senior-most folk ever to have been literally forced to
abandon India's prestigious civil service on grounds of dissent against
corruption and rotten practices. If we cannot listen to lone voices like
mine, and pay attention to the reasons why I have started IPI, broken my
hands in the process, left the country in despair, then we are doomed to be
continously surprised by these perennial stories of corruption in high
places. How foolish can we be!? 

Listen to the soul of IPI. Think positive. Spread the message of radical
reform through good policy and governance. Let us change India. There is
URGENT need in India for a political party with good principles and

I promise to return, but only if that party can be formed immediately.
Else, good bye everyone, and IPI will also be wound down, to enable me to
lead an ordinary middle-class life in Australia, drawing and painting
(activities in which I excel) in my spare time. 

I am really ****really***** tired of our stupidity as a nation in not being
able to reach our potential. What now? We will talk some more and is that
it? India will be the same forever????


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