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Re: Defence Deals :FLASH NEWS

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I just read the entire transcript. Surrrreal. And theres more to come!!

<< R.K. JAIN: You should always need a man who is... because this will
help you
in the long run. tomorrow after three months you are well into the job;
have already paid money for the first job. Your second job will go very
slowly. Because your channel is already opened through somebody. But you

have got your one job done through Bangaru Laxman Next time you have
job then Yashwant Sinha will say, "My foot, bastard! Every time he goes
Bangaru Laxman what do I do? I am not getting my share." So it is always

better to have a connection where you know that the minister.the man who
doing the job is getting the money.


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