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Re: Defence Deals :FLASH NEWS

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What I find interesting here, is that the one doing the expose is from
Left camp, and all his media activities are being coordinated by the
That's another interesting sign.

The Left are the first ones to spit on national defense. Their favorite
taunt is "hawk". Well, it seems to me that nobody who is a believe in
national defense, will use the word "hawk" at all. These folks really
care about national defense at all. Which really makes their own
an hypocrisy.


More big names in the web?
The Times of India News Service

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Tehelka correspondent Mathew Samuel who, along with
colleague, exposed the murky defence deals, said they have more tapes
will implicate the very top rungs of the Vajpayee government, including
PMO itself.

Samuel has gone into hiding here, fearing for his life. But he did talk
the media at a meeting arranged by the Left camp, which is giving him

Samuel said a border fencing communication system was pushed through for
1300 crore, on which a 25 per cent commission was taken. He hinted that
Minister L K Advani will figure in the next lot of tapes. "A fixer named
Singh is responsible for getting an Israeli company the contract from
home ministry. A minister and his private secretary have taken a 25 per
commission. We have that testimony. It is coming next," Samuel said. No
of over Rs 50 crore was possible without the involvement of the very
top, he

Samuel said he had met Jaya Jaitley because he could not meet Fernandes.
said commissions on defence deals were nothing new because the Sukhoi
worth Rs 34,000 crore, had been going on for many years.

The remaining tapes have more information about more politicians,
bureaucrats and fixers, he added. According to him, not one man in the
corridors of power refused a bribe. It was surprising that he and his
colleagues were able to operate freely among the fixers for over six
meeting people and paying small sums as bribes for a fictitious deal. It

shows how deep corruption has taken roots in Delhi, he added.

Even in the Kargil affair, he said, the wheeler dealers made a neat sum.
deal for "smart ammunition" cost the government Rs 270 crore. Each bomb
the deal was bought at Rs 14 lakh, whereas the market value of it was
Rs 6 lakh. The commission in the deal was 50 per cent, he asserted.
Asked if
the Congress, which was making a big noise over the defence sleaze, had
hands clean, Samuel said Tehelka does have "something on them" too.

Home ministry denies claim

The Union home ministry later in the night dismissed as "mischievous and

malicious" claims that a commission of Rs 325 crore had been paid to its

officials in a Rs 1300 crore deal for border fencing and communication

"The ministry of home affairs categorically denies these allegations.
is no proposal for border fencing and communication systems involving
Israeli firm. To say the least, the allegations are mischievous and
malicious," a ministry statement said.

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