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language erosion

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

For the Kind attention of Dr Sanjeev :

 Dear MV

 I fully endorse your view of common medium of education both in
 Govt run schools and pvt schools,in  villages and towns,BUT can
 not agree for English every where.The three language formula or
 two language formula is enough to ensure inter state/inter national
 communication.By insisting on English medium every where,
 ( 1st to 16th standard) we are not achieving any extra
  between states and nations which is already otherwise achieved
 by three language, two language formulae -- Rather we are killing
 languages through erosion.

 As a wise society that tries to protect its environment and wild
 life , same way language and culture also need proactive role from
 Govt for preservation.

 They did nothing wrong in Kerala by switching to Vernacular from
 English. In Dubai and Sharjah, I heard Official second language
 status is given to Malayalam because of predominant keralites'
 population there. Any reduction in prosperity, equanimity you find
there ? .

 I would support RESOUNDINGLY your views  * with admiration * that,
  medium of  instruction disparity is another Caste System in
 disguise and is eating in to the vitals of our growth prospects.
 BUT... please do not Erode and KILL the vernacular languages .

 You can see adultaration in every form of communication nowadays
 by english. Look at every dialogue in a movie, every dialogue of a
 young one, mixed up with english. If you think it is an indication
 prosperity or efficacy in terms of communicability across borders,
 you are thoroughly mistaken. It is actually death of local languages
  and cultures.If you are unmindful to preserve any language or
 culture for that matter, that is a different issue. But dont weld it

 with English from no where, and precipitate 'caste like disparity'
 to prove your point.

 Scrap English medium up to 10th grade. Keep English as just one of
 languages from some 3rd or fourth grade.Give a choice at University
 level for vernacular or english . That is enough to cater to all our
needs .
  It is absence of such policy that is detrimental to national

 Of course so long as there is one english medium school, properly
 funded and maintained, a minister, big shot will always send his lad

 to that school.But where do you think he would send if there is no
 school? The school where I studied is a perfect example.It was a
 funded christian missionary school, due to some upheavel in language
 related issue, ' converted ' itself to Telugu medium.All local big
 were sending their kids there. Then the language jolt subsided,
 mushroom growth of english medium schools came up, every body
 trecked conventionmal path again , of sending to english medium.
 But my batch mates who were in IITs, IPS, and Apollos, overseas,
 were no inferior to those english medium lads.It is just craze.

 What extra english you have learnt by studying social studies,
 maths, science , geography in 'english' up to 10 th standard ?
 Rather you would learn more of your own language and appreciate the
 beauty of it if it was in your mother tongue.
 That is the only oppurtunity than reading ,magazines,
 news papers, story books to build ones knowledge in mother tongue's
 formal form and appreciate its poetry, beauty, clarity.
 You want to kill that ?
 You may never ever dream that ' Sanscrit ' is a dead language.
 It may not be alive in verbal form every where.
 It is there as authentic referance for those who appreciate its
 Every one is not a Mathematician does not mean mathematics is dead.
 Attitude against Sanscrit only shows ones hidden grouze against
 some thing else.

 I would  request Dr Sanjeev, for a policy guideline on our manifesto
 implement three/two language formula thoroughly,to FORCE all schools
  up to 10th standard to have vernacular medium only, so that
language erosion can
 be curtailed and disparities between affluent and non -affluent
 by way of english medium schools for rich and venacular medium
 for poor does not continue any more.



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