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Re: Bizzare

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> From: Sanjai Kukreti <skukreti@home.com>
> MV <maxv@vsnl.com> wrote:
> > History tells us, when Christians where prosecuted
> > in middle east some of them migrated to India. When
> > Parsies were prosecuted in Persia they migrated to
> > India. We all know, now there are only small number
> > of Christians in middle east and Parsies in Iran.
> >
> > If Babur destroyed so many temples and lakhs & lakhs
> > of infidels (vedic hindus) were sent to hell we should
> > expect large scale migration of vedic hindus from the
> > region conquered/ruled by Babur, is there any historic
> > evidence of this?
> Yes, there is a huge amount of historic evidence, including Babur's own
> proclamations.
> >  How come there are still whole lot
> > of vedic hindus living in region ruled by Babur? We all
> > know that lots of them lived in what is now Pakistan
> > till the time of partisian, how can that be explained?
> Vedic HIndus? What are you talking about? Vedism is not the origin of
> the
> idol-worship that is practiced down to the lowest levels of society. Who
> fed
> you this? Leftists?
> Vedism may have tried to accomodate such practices, but they pre-date
> the
> arrival/development of Vedic beliefs.
> Nextly, Babur conquered these areas, and destroyed their centres of
> power.
> Just like all the previous Aryan invaders before him. After all, if
> Aryan
> invaders conquered India, then how is it that most of us are all
> dark-skinned? Should we not be mostly white-skinned? The reality is that
> all
> the Aryan invasions (pre-Islamic and post-Islamic) involved a small
> number
> of invaders defeating a larger number of natives. That is why the
> natives
> and their beliefs were not wiped out. Only the leaders were defeated.
> The peasants were largely left alone, until the Islamic rulers began
> their
> mission of converting everyone, to consolidate their control (eg. Babur,
> Aurangzeb).
> > If the vedic hindus did not migrate when the Mughals
> > destroyed many of their temples and send lakhs of them
> > to hell or when British ruled them, why are they migrating
> > in large numbers from contemporary Independent India?
> Easy, because Leftists don't leave anyone unharassed. The Leftists pour
> into
> every nook and cranny, and look to harass.
> "I am poor, you are not -- this must be because you have stolen from me"
> "I want your property, I want your money, I want everything of yours
> that
> you have worked hard to earn"
> Unlike all the previous rulers of India, the Left leave no portion of
> society unharassed. I suppose that when one's ideology is about creating
> stagnation, inefficiency,and deterioration,  then one is automatically
> forced to scour all parts of society, to squeeze whatever remaining
> value is
> left.
> If I work hard to better myself -- I don't want some Leftist vilifying
> me
> for it.

It will be a good idea to look closely at the left
parties, their area of work, mostly the govt and
public sector employee unions, look closely and you
will find that the large number of people who migrate
out of India are the children of employees in govt
and public sector enterprise who study in CBSE and
ICSE schools.....

The only good thing that left parties did was the 
distribution of 10 cent land in kerala, but soon the 
very same left party govt, *negated* the effect of land 
distribution by converting all the private schools 
in villages of kerala to govt aided schools and in 
the process converting the english medium schools to 
vernacular medium schools and bringing down the 
quality of education substantially. 

By the way, the minister who converted english medium 
schools in kerala to vernacular medium had his only son 
studying in an english medium school in delhi, this boy 
died of an over dose of some intoxicating drug, all 
this is well documented in kerala history.

Now tell us if the left parties are causing the exodus
or are they helping the exodus....?

> > We should understand that the invasion of Mughals
> > and destruction of the temples were in themselves
> > a historic balancing act, it lead to the *downfall*
> > of social caste system in India. It is interesting
> > to note that till the caste system prevailed, vedic
> > hindus did not migrate from India.... This is
> > historic reality!
> Again, this is totally fabricated history.
> The caste system, as you call it, began in Africa. It came from the
> prominent tribal system that you see in place there even today.
> The people known as the Dravidians emerged from Africa and came to
> India,
> bringing those same tribal practices with them. There were then various
> Dravidian tribes, some of them ruling over others, in a "caste system".
> The Aryans invaded India, from Central Asia. As mentioned before, small
> numbers of the invaders were able to defeat large numbers of the locals
> in
> battle. Why? Because as we know, tribal societies are the ones more
> easily
> divided, and fall more easily to an enemy.
> Your own posts, along with those of the other leftists on here, are an
> example of this. Just as you today will speak up in defense of Babur and
> the
> Moghul Aryan invaders, similarly during the original Aryan conquests of
> India, the local Dravidian tribes on the bottom of the Dravidian caste
> system likewise did not object to someone overthrowing the other
> Dravidian
> tribes ("castes") ruling over them.
> That is why small numbers of Aryan invaders were originally able to
> quickly
> seize India. They did not interfere with the local cultural system
> ("caste
> system"), but just became the new rulers over it. Likewise, when the
> later
> Islamic Aryans invaded (eg. Moghuls such as Babur) they too did not
> interfere much with the local culture of those they had conquered, other
> than to destroy the centers of power (ie. temples, which were the
> cultural
> centers of the defeated people).
> Just as the original Aryan invaders assimilated into the people whom
> they
> conquered (that's what happens when you are in the smaller numbers),
> likewise the Islamic Aryans later also began to acclimatize to India
> (eg.
> Akbar, who founded his own local faith, Din-e-Elahi)
> Look, those who aren't competent enough to solve problems relating to
> their
> social status, will always look to an outside invader for help.
> "Aryans, help me! I am a lower Dravidian caste, please help overthrow
> these
> dominant Dravidian castes and I will love you!"
> "Mughals, help me! I am a lower Hindu caste, please help overthrow these
> dominant Hindu castes and I will love you!"
> "British, help me! I am a low caste, please help me overthrow these
> ruling
> Moghul and Hindu princes, and I will love you forever!"
> "Marxists, help me! I am still low after all this time, and I think
> everybody so far has let me down! Please liberate me from these Brahmins
> or
> whoever the ruler is now, and I will love you forever!"
> I don't think that anyone in India needs a deity transplant, or a ruler
> transplant. I think many need a backbone transplant, however, since
> their
> lack of spine seems to make them look for whatever superficial cosmetic
> change they can get, without tackling the real problem.

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