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Re: Bizzare

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> From: Sanjai Kukreti 
> MV <maxv@vsnl.com> wrote:
> > What India needs at this stage is education for majority
> > people who live in the villages (backbone of India's economy)
> > in the same language of instruction (english) as our
> > Universities use. That alone will bring unity and prosperity.
> > That is want we should do..... once that is done there will
> > be enough consensus to build the temple.

What we are talking about is more schools in the villges,
that use the same language of instruction (english) as the
universities in India use. 

What our *wise* eduction experts has done is to replace 
sanskrit with english, rest of the system is similar 
to what existed in past 3000+ years. The system that 
came into effect soon after Ram defeated Ravan it is 
still continuing.....  

Now look at the people vociferously campaign to build 
the temple they differentiate themselves from the rest 
of the society, they have failed to *INDIANISE* themselves,
and that is the problem..... it is not the muslims, or the 
christians, they have integrated themselves with
the Indian society, a congregation of muslims or
christians of India will reflect the true colour of 
Indian society. 

My view is that the decision to re-build the temple should 
be taken only 25 years after the educational caste system
is removed by making the *language* of instruction at the
schools and university the same.  Then let the majority 
people decide. Any hasty action can only lead to division 
of India.

> Where will all the universities suddenly come from? Out of your magical
> purse? If you want a lot of universities, you need a lot of money. Look
> at
> how money in universities is being spent now. Leftists have created a
> situation where people can pass exams and get accepted for seats, even
> without knowing the material. They insist on people being allowed to
> cheat
> on exams. This is your precious Left which is the author of such values.
> I
> can tell what will happen, if you try and throw good money after bad, by
> increasing the money flow.
> Even as an athiest, I recognize the reality that religion evolved for a
> reason. Religion is the poor man's university. Religion can sustain
> itself
> without govt infrastructure, but universities cannot. Even in Pakistan,
> their terrorist madrassas are able to flourish in far greater numbers
> than
> their universities.
> You are trying to paint universities in golden hues, without seeing the
> cost
> requirments. But when it comes to paying the bills for these
> universities,
> then you will nervously glance around, "Sahib, please provide the
> money!"
> India has a population of 1 billion. There is no way that India has the
> means to create universities for 1 billion people. You seem to be in
> some
> fairytale dream, if you think that you can just snap your fingers and
> money
> will just appear to fund such undertakings.
> > Let the temple not be symbol of India's poverty,
> > not the illiteracy, not the suffering of millions,
> > but let us build the temple as the symbol of India's
> > prosperity.
> >
> > MV.
> Again, you seem to think that it's just a matter of pressing a button,
> and
> the universities will pop up.
> Are you going to be spending the money out of your own meager pocket?
> We all know the Indian attitude -- try and foist the burden on someone
> else,
> and then castigate them for not doing a better job. That's what govt is
> for,
> isn't it? It's so that individual Indians don't have to do anything for
> themselves, and can have a straw man to bash, for not doing things well
> enough -- things that Indians are too lazy or too cowardly to do
> themse.ves.
> The fact is that if the US govt were to disappear overnight -- most
> Americans would be inconvenienced, but would still be able to function.
> But
> if the Indian govt were to disappear overnighte, only a small number of
> Indians would be able to survive, while the rest would die within weeks.
> India simply does not have the prosperity level to afford a university
> or
> college for every town.
> The value of religion is that it at least provides a value system, which
> can
> help a person to not sink lower, and also to advance steadily. No
> university
> can provide a value system, and yet that is what is most needed to
> stabilize
> society. It is the slow and steady progress that is generated from value
> systems, which provides society with its strong base. The trunk of the
> tree
> must be thick and strong.
> But if you want to have society resting on the long flimsy branches at
> the
> top, then you will find these things shaking and swaying around, and
> snapping off.
> Universities may help us climb to the greatest heights, just like the
> topmost branches of the tree. But they are surely not strong enough to
> be a
> base. The majority of the weight must rest on the base (the value
> system)
> and not on the flimsy branches at the top, which will inherently never
> have
> the strength to hold everything up.

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