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Re: Defence Deals :FLASH NEWS

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Krishnan Kandasamy <nkandasamy@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Please visit www.Tehalka.com, to see what kind of rogues are ruling India.
> >From PM TO defence minister to the RSS GOONDAS all crooks.
> Moderator, please let this one pass through. It is very important!

Check this out from the Tehelka site:

"Bharatiya Janata Party president Bangaru Laxman, nailed for having taken a
bribe of Rs 1 lakh from tehelka.com in the course of its defence deals
expose today, quit from his post today after being roundly castigated during
a marathon four-hour emergency Cabinet meeting of the National Democratic
Alliance government. But Union Defence Minister George Fernandes'
concomitant offer to resign was rejected. Laxman's resignation had been
called for by Information and Broadcasting Minister Sushma Swaraj and other
Advani loyalists, who said that his continuing presence in the party
hierarchy would be a "liability". Laxman is likely to be replaced by
incumbent BJP vice-president B Jana Krishnamurthy. After the meeting, an
embattled Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee announced that he was willing
to face an "inquiry" on the issues raised in the tehelka.com expose."

So we can see that all the Leftist elements in the coalition govt were the
ones to blame.  The Dalit leader Laxman, and of course good old George
Fernandes, of anti-Coca Cola fame.

So we can see how the so-called "champions of the poor" really are. The
Lefter they are, the worse they are.

Hopefully, the resignation and diminishment of these people within the
coalition will strengthen the right forces. The Advani group will now be
able to work more for the benefit of the country, now that the Leftist
elements have done themselves in.

I've always preferred Advani to Vajpayee, and hope Advani will now be able
to shine more. Let these Leftist weaklings fall by the wayside.

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