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Re: Education and Subsidy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
For the record I'm no NRI. I'm a student in India. My point was merely that 
we shouldn't be trying to micromanage the affairs of every Indian and say 
that they should stay or go to another country. It's their personal choice.

What we should try to do is create a system that can ensure that the Indian 
economy grows. I already gave the example of China. Most "American" nobel 
prize laureates are not even americans. They're mostly immigrants. But the 
name&fame for having created so many nobel laureates goes to the US. Can you 
imagine what that does for the american economy in terms of R&D.

The sort of India, that is my mind ideal is one that recognizes the 
narayanamurthys as well as the deshpandes. We're talking about 
globalisation. Trying to hold onto physical boundaries is no way of 

With regard to subsidies, do away with them and target them for only the 
poor. Right now, a lot of undeserving(economically) guys, including me get 
subsidised education. This must stop. We have to focus on primary education 
first and foremost, subsidised university education for the poor and create 
more IITs and IIMs. The key to a good economy is one where the "average" 
person can participate and really make a difference to the economy. A 
Narayanamurthy will do well even if he is in Somalia.


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>Subject: Education and Subsidy
>Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 03:12:39 -0800 (PST)
>Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>Mr. Gautam Sampath, Mr. Kandasamy .... and others
>Once we are through with this first burst of indignation on how
>our efforts to help the Indian economy has gone unnoticed by those
>ungrateful Resident Indians (BTW it amazing how self pity can even drag
>a "
>NRI being considered unpatriotic thread" into a discussion on
>can we do a reality check.
>We are tying to frame policy for how we want India to be run. As a
>corporation would you have training programs run by you to be free for
>competitors? While this analogy may be a bit extreme please don't flame
>if you can get the essence of the message.
>All that I am saying is that if we enjoy the fruits of subsidy the very
>of that subsidy has to be fulfilled. If the aim of the subsidy is to
>increase the educated
>workforce in India then so be it. Mr. Prakash feels that subsidies
>go. Are we now proposing that the Govt. also get out of education
>completely? And if this is so, by when? Till then do we allow the
>practice of subsidized education to benefit foreign lands to continue
>without hindrance?
>Incidentally the arrogance that comes out in statements like <Propping
>the Indian economy by *legal* remittances> should go once and for all.
>Repayment of our debt to the Indian society directly into the Govt.
>is more acceptable than a remittance (with high interest to boot) coming
>from those who directly or indirectly benefited from the subsidy in the
>first place.
>Also, the corrupt practices of those in power, how funds can or will be
>misused and how to cope with such corruption is not part of this thread
>heavens sake!
>A Guru
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> > Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> > I Second that. With the amount of remittances sent back home, India's
> > forex
> > position gets propped up. They are contributing to the Indian economy
> > indirectly and now directly with the likes of Kanwal Rekhi, Gururaj
> > Deshpande's Tejas networks in b'lore etc.
> >
> > We are probably the only country in the world that differentiates
> > between
> > Indians settled abroad who've supposedly deserted their homeland and
> > those
> > "patriotic" Indians who continue to stay behind. There is no way to
> > distinguish between patriotic Indians in India and the rest of the
> > world,
> > and how do u define patriotism anyway??
> >
> > What is important is the Indian economy and how Indians settled
> > in
> > the world help the Indian economy grow in a globalised scenario in
> > way
> > or the other. We should learn from our neighbour China who welcomes
> > investment from the Chinese diaspora wherever in the world they
> > are(thailand,hong kong,indonesia,m'sia,s'pore, even taiwan!!).
> >
> > -Gautam
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