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Re: Education and Subsidy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

I am totally not in favor of subsidies in education. I would rather have 
cheap loan programs where the student has to pay back over a period of time, 
whether he works in India or abroad.

That way GOI will not have a "victim" feeling that people have left the 
country, or making money for the foreign governments on Indian subsidies.

Let this be the IPI policy if everyone agrees. If only we divert the money 
we spend on Rust buckets from Russia to provide low-interest loans to all 
for education (all levels), we will be better off. Let them go to 
Private/Public whatever..

Not only that, privitise all those CSIR, DRDO , and other white elephants 
that do zippo work in the name of research.

ISRO and a few other being the only exception of doing anythign worthwhile.

Make the industry spend on real R&D , so that bright minds need't go abroad 
for elightenment..

The issue is not subsidies, here Mr.Guru, the issue is why so many bright 
minds are leaving India?.

Which is more important bright minds or subsidies going abroad ?.

If subsidies were the only issue, then you should look at other bigger 
sectors like food, PDS system where there is tremendous loss to the public 
but handful gains to the Babu/neta/gooda group (BNG)from now on..

Are we now proposing that the Govt. also get out of education completely?
NO, but make it accessible to the average man.

Incidentally the arrogance that comes out in statements like <Proppi up the 
Indian economy by *legal* remittances> should go once and for all.

Come on.. Where is arrogance?. I just illustrated a point.

Repayment of our debt to the Indian society directly into the Govt. coffers 
is more acceptable than a remittance (with high interest to boot) coming

Considering that most remittances are non-repatriable, rupee accounts, and 
taking in to account the Indian inflation and depreciation of the rupee. I 
must be a fool to invest in Indian Banks, who treat me like dirt every time 
I try to withdraw my own money.

So what are you saying that I should work for some Public/private sector in 
India, (If I am lucky to get the job in first place, earn a meager salary 
and pay huge taxes and end up being corrupt (It doesn't take long for you 
having to bribe somebody). You are saying that I must put up with that BNG 
group, those rascals at the Govt. Offices and then I have done my duty to 
the country right?.

We don't need miracles but simple things in India like, not having to bribe 
everyone who is anyone in a RTO office to get a lousy driving license.. and 
so on...

Need for the mind to grow,freedom from oppression of GOI and its minion 
babus  is the primary reason for the bright minds to get out of the country 
as soon as possible. Money is the other reason.

No-one wants to deal with the thugs that rule the country.. Unless we deal 
those we will continue to see the brain drain and subsidies ending up for 
the wrong reason.

So, what do you want?.

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