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Re: Tax on India-educated-NRIs: Filtered

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--- Krishnan Kandasamy <nkandasamy@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I have so far remitted back to India (Legally), more
> money than I could have generated working in India
>or paying taxes for a life time.. and will continue
>to remit more...

Why would one want to be so masochistic?!  I have been
trying to invent a Pyramid scheme for so long without
much success and now you have provided me with a
blueprint for "the great pyramid scheme"!

So let me get this straight: if I gather enough people
like you and start a country of my own.  Then, squeeze
so much opportunity out of you people that you will go
overseas, live as an obedient migrant, and then you
would send me your hard-earned money!?  I never new
that those in power had is so good in India!  No
wonder Laloo is enjoying himself! (laughing all the
way to the bank)

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