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Re: Bizzare

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
A Guru <a.guru@india.com> wrote:
> Mr Pradhan,
> I am indeed sorry to give you such an impression.
> "American foreign policy and children indeed!"
> But the mindset was what I was talking about.
> Do you have any other country going to such lengths to "retaliate" ?
> Do you have any other country with children running amok?
> But let us not digress from the debate on how to make India strong.
> Another country's weakness is not our strtength!
> A Guru

But I find this interesting.

The United States of course allows freedom of gun ownership. I disagree
But yet, in spite of these freedoms, the number of incidents like the
killing are relatively few.

Contrast this with India. The only way that India can avoid such
is by not permtting the freedom of ownership of such guns to the masses.

Because if the general population could own guns, then there would be a
large killing every minute in India, never mind the lesser frequency
the USA experiences.

So it's interesting to see the different level of personal
that is exhibited in both societies.

Look at the acid-in-the-face incidents that happen in India. Look at the

Can you tell me how many bride burnings there are in the USA, compared
India? I am quite sure that our Leftist friends here on the IPI list
never dare to compare such statistics.
It is these incidents which truly illustrate which of the 2 countries is
more savage and barbaric. In the USA you will never hear of
acid-in-the-face, or bride-burnings. But leftists conveniently forget
things in favor of some cheap joke of the moment.

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