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Re: Nature of an Indian

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Padmanabha Rao <kvprao@igidr.ac.in> wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Sanjai Kukreti wrote:
>  The Indian nature is to react briefly, and then let it pass. Isn't
>  why India has been invaded so many times? People get invaded,
>  attrocities committed, there is a brief uproar, and then everyone
>  settles back down.
> Why is this the case ? And do we think it as harmful or desirable ?
> Padmanabha Rao

Again, I think that when it comes to the "fight or flight" instinct,
will choose flight.
Furthermore, I think that tribal societies are more divided and
and fall more easily to invaders.
Clearly, one of the reasons that monotheism became successful, is that
provided a way to homogenize inhabitants, and to enforce unity among

Haven't you notice that many Lefiist Indians will quickly cry "fascist"
their own countrymen? But hardly any Pakistani will do that at his own
countrymen, no matter how chauvinist they behave.
We all know that Indian Leftists cry "fascist" as a ploy, and not out of
real moral or ethical motivation.

Just look at how when I posted about the Taliban on this board, I got a
number of replies from others who stated "oh, but Hindus are much
Again, such people also like to call patriotism a dirty word. Typical
of cohesion. So you can see the same old syndrome being repeated. If a
foreign invader attacks, there is no dearth of malcontents who will pipe
"Oh, but the invader is not so bad! Our own people are much worse! Come
invader, let me help you!"

I think that EQ plays a strong role in the amount of tribalism in
People who are easily destabilized cannot form bonds with as wide a
of people around them. Indians will forever be taking offense at the
smallest slight, and using it as a pretext to betray the society around
them. But when they find that it has not improved their situation, they
try to repeat the cycle again. Just like a gambling addict.

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