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Balco privatization?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Has anybody noticed the strange spectacle of
the allegedly pro-reform Congress Party being
in the same camp as Marxist fundamentalists
in the matter of Balco privatization?

The plant in Korba is incurring heavy losses
even as petty politics is being played out by
the Congress Party, whose poster-boy, till very
recently, was Dr Manmohan Singh. Ajit Joge
("Ajit Joke" as India-Today refers to him) is
threatening to evolve into some kind of mutated
Laloo Yadav.

There is an urgent need to delink economic
policy from politics. The Balco issue will
threaten not just the company in question, but
the disinvestment process in general, and also
prospects of private investment in fledgling
Chattisgharh, in whose interest Ajit Joke and
his party are ostensibly playing politics. It
will also adversely affect the sentiment of
foreign investment in Indian industry. If Congress
is behaving in a clownish manner today, in wanton
disregard of country's interests, what's the
guarantee that tomorrow BJP will not, should it
get into opposition?

The Balco controversy -- a wholly manufactured
controversy, for this has been the most transparent
deal ever -- should be a matter of concern to
members of this list.


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