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Re: Tax on India-educated-NRIs: Filtered Non-Sense!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Throughout the History we have seen that countries whose citizens have
far and beyond to gather wealth have prospered. India's mistake has been

inward looking, and you know the consequences.

I have so far remitted back to India (Legally), more money than I could
generated working in India or paying taxes for a life time.. and will
continue to remit more...

Remember the India resurgent bonds and the Millennium bonds, who made
an success?. NRI's, not the goonda netas who have their cash in

Agreed there is brain drain, but for us , it is freedom from the rotten
babus,netas, sadhus and Imams, who somehow find that it is their birth
to make the life of an average citizen hell.

It the system that is rotten, including the fat, comfy babus who want to

control everything. What is the incentive for an IIT graduate to stay in

India?. to go back and work for the rotten system and earn a meager
To be subjected to daily torture by "Higher-ups", in the office and the
Lowly minons on the streets?.

Yeah may be the education system needs to less-subsidized and more loan
based programs needs to introduced.  Even in U.S not every one gets

Mr. Rao,reacting  to an event rather than finding out why that is
is will take you nowhere. If enough opportunities are available in
why would anyone go?.

Put tax, that is the easy thing to do, but than what is not taxed in
except the corrupt...

For once people should open their eyes, not only their mouths.

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