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"prakash chandrashekar" <prakash7uc@rediffmail.com>

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I believe that the government should implement a scheme of school
vouchers, as it is in the US for primary education. this will combine
the universality of education with the elixir of competition added.
University education should be left to industry and private
philanthropy. Unless the public recieves a basic education, it is
difficult to maintain any sort of reform.
        primary education first, lets bother about secondary education
later. I think that the lack of private universities is only because of
legal restrictions and the lack of large fortunes for philanthropy. Free
the market and you can get both. I think the proposal of taxing NRIs,
regardless of the subsidies they actually recieved is a sick one. As of
now, we can do nothng about the subsidies laready given. we can only see
to it that such subsidies are avoidded in the future.


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