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Tax on India-educated-NRIs

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On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, A Guru wrote:
 A mention should be made in the IPI policy that all people having
 studied in India and now working in foreign lands are taxed heavily for

 the education they received and an additional penalty imposed for the
 loss in the chance to educate another fellow citizen who would be of
 in India. Such a "tax" should include the situation where knowledge and

 rich experience is gained (however lopsided one might think of it) and
 subsequently wasted

Very right. Indeed there has been a proposal [*] to charge students in
Universities the actual costs, and enable the payment through fairly
loans repayable upon being employed, and *waiving the repayment by a
certain percentage for every year spent working on Indian soil or
in Indian currency* . Such a scheme would also bring the sorely needed
accountability in the education system.


Padmanabha Rao

[*] The proposal, as I read it first, was in an article in the ET
by Dr K S Parikh, former Director, IGIDR.

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