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Re: Bizzare

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
A Guru <a.guru@india.com> wrote:
> Where will the Universities come from?
> I guess my friends staying back in the plush comforts of newly adopted

> lands
> should be made to pay (and here its no begging bowl) for the
> education they got in India and are now using to line their pockets
> the
> coffers of foreign lands).
> A mention should be made in the IPI policy that all people having
> studied in
> India and now working in foreign lands are taxed heavily for the
> education
> they received and an additional penalty imposed for the loss in the
> chance
> to educate another fellow citizen who would be of use in India.
> Such a "tax" should include the situation where knowledge and rich
> experience is gained (however lopsided one might think of it) and
> subsequently wasted if for example an IAS officer deserts his
> to
> make money in foreign lands.
> A Guru

You make a good point here, and I wanted to mention it myself.

I of course did my university here, and not in India.

But the fact is then that India is churning out all these IIT and
students, while not providing opportunities to exploit their talents.
Doesn't that again reinforce my arguments about building more
Do you want more universities so that you can have more people with
in the unemployment line?

There is a difference between pushing qualifed people into the economy,
pulling qualified people into the economy.

The West (the successful people) PULL people into their economy, by
generating economic activity and associated opportunities, which then
people to pursue qualifications to take up those opportunities. Your IPI

strategy seems to be about creating the degree-holding people first,
even if
there is no economic activity and associated job opportunity for them.
You are PUSHING people into the economy, which seems to be putting the
before the horse.

Look at the "100% literacy rate" in Kerala. I don't see that Kerala is
economic powerhouse. Kerala only has a higher suicide rate, and also
lots of
people working in the Gulf. Money-order economy.

This is why you need to promote value system even before education,
education is obviously important.
You have heard this phrase "Protestant Work Ethic", or "Confucian Work
Ethic", etc.
We need to purge society of the Leftist anti-work ethic, which thwarts
economic activity.

The reality is that the value system helps to generate the economic
activity. The value system is the mediator between need and resolution.
you don't have a good value system -- if you don't have a good work
ethic --
then you will try and resolve your problems using wrong methods. If you
a good value system, then you will react to problems in a responsible

Universities cannot imbue the "protestant work ethic" or the "confucian
ethic". These are not things you learn in a classroom. These are
that are imparted by the culture of society.

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