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RE: Bizzare

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Mr Guru wrote:

> I guess my friends staying back in the plush comforts of newly adopted

> lands should be made to pay (and here its no begging bowl) for the
> subsidized
> education they got in India and are now using to line their pockets
> the coffers of foreign lands).A mention should be made in the IPI
> that all people having
> studied in India and now working in foreign lands are taxed heavily
> the
> education they received and an additional penalty imposed for the loss
> the
> chance to educate another fellow citizen who would be of use in India.

> Such a "tax" should include the situation where knowledge and rich
> experience is gained (however lopsided one might think of it) and
> subsequently wasted if for example an IAS officer deserts his
> to make money in foreign lands.
Mr Guru,

 Let me venture to relieve your anguish.
 First of all you better read ' all the publications' on ipi to get a
of how and why an IAS officer goes to foreign land, before talking any
Even if they go to make money in foreign lands, what bothers you when
work day and night to get a 'leverage' for you, to bring you out of  u'r

subsidy 'mess'  and still continue to 'pay' for those subsidies till
last? It is attitude of such people like you who never come out of
mediocrity in grasping issues in their wholistic context, which bleads
hearts of any committed individuals, than the actual issues them selves

What subsidy are you talking otherwise of those living in foreign lands?

What if they lead a plush life there when ' each '  nri, on average, per

month 'pays' simply by putting money in an Indian bank , of $500 on avg,

that way pays for abt ' 250 ' households like yours' gas connection
'subsidy' , every month, in terms of foreign exchange ( 240/- per
is the price govt pays but 165/- is what we pay.Rest of 'subsidy' what
lament about educating those who left for plush life buddy, is ofcourse
being paid in a different way by putting their money in Indian
multiplied many times -- Is it not service enough even if they got
subsidised education ? they are paying for 'your' domestic gas subsidy
now ?
OK ? just to state an example.It is a crude comparison I am sorry, and
apologise to any body who, if,  got offended, I had to bring home one
clearly that knowingly or unknowingly they DO contribute to Indian
.They DO contribute simply by travelling to India once in a year even by

foreign airlines. So don't cry about their plush life unless you want to

vent out any jealosy .

More over how are you 'SO SURE' that all those who left India did indeed
subsidised education ? are you in a cave of beliefs ? what about others
paid heavily in tuitions, private institutions, computer courses with
hard earned money and are leading 'some' life overseas, (may be plush
may be
not) and are atleast 'bothering' to put their money in Indian banks,
it self helps you, me,  and many others.. dont you realise that ? what
that taxing heavily you talk about ? I would advise you Mr Guru, to
read all publications on ipi before expressing your grouse on nris.

Once our systems improve for better, be assured there will be reverse


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