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Once more revised Environmental Policy for the Manifesto

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Revision based on Param's views is at the foot of this mail. Many details
are left out due to paucity of space in manifesto. Pl. approve. SS

At 07:00 PM 3/5/01 -0800, "Komaragiri, Param (Param)** CTR **"
<param@lucent.com>  wrote:

>A few lines may also be added which reflect following views if it is
>apt by every body
>and if there is any room in Manifesto / Annexure for same.
>1) Make it Mandatory for industries which displace forest not only to
>compensate land ,
>provide forest land but to provide resources or support economically the
>of 'equivalent of ' forest wealth. Also Give Tax Holidays in the same
>2) Modify forest related Laws and remove clumsy rules which prohibit an
>individual to
>grow and maintain variety of trees .For example I should be able to grow
>teak trees ,
>10 sandal wood right in my back yard and sell at what ever price it is
>in market.
>(No Forest Department licencing required.After all I am not growing
>Ganja !)
>3) Govt's active encouragement for Social Forestry , people
>participation in
>various innovative
>ways like conducting education camps, involving youth groups about water
>other natural
>resources' conservation,water harvesting,recycling,organic farming,
>sustainable development,
>etc in school curriculum.
>4) Encourage Banks and Social organisations to adopt villages, urban
>segments not only for
>development but for 'sustainable development'. Quantify their
>interms of
>water conservation achieved, water tables retained, greenery developed,
>erosion arrested
>etc and widely recognise their efforts so that it becomes worthy of
>emulation for others.
>5) Encourage and educate about Organic farming methods , water
>6) Establish standards for Greenery and modify Urban laws to curtail
>concrete jungles,
>multi storied apartments which are depleting water tables.Establish
>for tree growth
>in districts, I think there are no targets now like they have for family
>planning programs , for
>District administration.
>7) Release a Bulletin from each Govt, state level, district level, Block
>level, advertising in
>news papers and mass media about what environment damage that took place
>terms of water
>levels' loss, tree loss etc instead of public depending on sporadic news
>reports which go unnoticed
>in any significant way, and alternately come up with remedies,announce
>remedies and success
>stories, same time suggesting role of public to keep it up.
>I would imagine some body,pulling up concerned authorities about any
>seen not in
>tune with their above Bulletin.Transparancy !

"To use potential global warming as an excuse to curb production and
consumption in the developing world, is misguided and unacceptable, when
most of the pollution in the past 100 years has come from the West. On the
other hand there is a tremendous role for government in minimizing the
ill-effects of human activity on the environment, including saving wild
life, hazardous waste disposal, and cleaning up of water and air. Stringent
standards, equivalent to the highest developed anywhere in the world,
whether European, Japanese or American, have to be imposed for this
purpose. We have to find ways, employ science, and educate people so that
we do not have to go through the same polluting phase in economic growth
that other developed nations have gone through. We also have to protect our
natural resources so that future generations can enjoy clean air, water,
forests, and animals. Many excellent schemes can be found for such a
purpose, such as modification of forest laws to remove rules which prohibit
an individual to grow and maintain variety of trees for commercial
purposes, making it mandatory for industries which displace trees to
replenish the 'equivalent' forest wealth, or pay someone else to do so, and
so on."

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