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Re: Bizzare

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
MV <maxv@vsnl.com> wrote:
> If such a holiest of holy place is destroyed options
> are very clear, fight to the last person or flee. It is
> *not* keep quite, work hand in hand with the people who
> destroyed the holiest of the holy place and live comfortably!
> If such a holiest of holy place was destroyed it would
> have become *central theme* in the literature of the
> times isn't it?  has it?

No, why would it?

When Indian Airlines flight was hijacked, and a passenger killed, you
how quickly it was forgotten. Any other country would have not have let
of the issue, until the killers were brought to justice. India released
militant leaders instead. Just to brush the issue aside.

When Pakistan was first believed to have developed nuclear weapons,
didn't react. It just said "well, we don't really have any proof".
this to the reaction across the West, when the Soviets were discovered
have developed nukes. They reacted very vigorously. When Pakistan fired
nuclear missiles for the first time, India said "well, they probably
have one or two". Contrast this with the reaction of the West when their

communist enemies developed nukes. They reacted very strongly.

When soldiers are killed everyday in Kashmir, the Indian press makes
mention of it, with just a yawn. Contrast this with civilized western
countries -- if their personnel are even shot at, let alone actually
injured, they take it very gravely. Can you imagine India pursuing Osama
Laden to vigorously as the US has? No, of course not. The Indian nature
to react briefly, and then let it pass.

When India was partitioned due to the divide-and-rule games of the
then Nehru felt bitter and outmaneuvered. But he then eventually
this splitting of the country. Then when Kashmir was attacked by China,
Nehru at first vowed to reclaim every inch of territory. But later, his
settled into accomodation of it, saying "it was only barren land".
Precisely the same pattern once again.
Just a brief momentary reaction, and then settling down into

So why would you expect it to be different, with the destruction of the

There would have been a brief reaction, and then everyone would have
back into accepting it.
Isn't that why India has been invaded so many times? People get invaded,

attrocities committed, there is a brief uproar, and then everyone
back down.

Why haven't you seen the temple at Mathura, for Krishna? You know that
where you can visibly see that a mosque has been built on top of the
What is your explanation on that?

And how do you explain the literature of the Sikhs, which speak of the
gruesome tortures inflicted upon them by the Moghuls? Would you discard
their literature? What is the use of anyone presenting any evidence to
if you then refuse to consider it?

> Then after few centuries wake up one fine morning and want
> to re-build the holy place?

Well, we lived comfortably under the British for 200 years. Why should
have suddenly tried to tell them to "Quit India"??
Isn't it a little strange? After all, if you have a colonial system in
for so long, why suddenly wake up one fine morning and try to change it?

Isn't that a little odd?

It seems to me that the area was not known to have been site of the Ram
Temple, until some idols were unearthed there, and a subsequent
archaeological investigation found evidence of a much larger temple.
why they would not have done anything earlier.

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