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Re: Bizzare

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
> From: Sanjai Kukreti <skukreti@home.com>
>  <Npsingh123@aol.com> wrote:
> > The bizzare bombing of Buddha by the Taliban is a slightly bigger
> > symptom of
> > the same disease that caused the bringing down of the Babri Masjid
> > threatens other historic structures across India. In this respect
> > indignation of the Indian Parliment smacks of a lot of hypocrisy. Is
> > not a
> > case of the pot calling the kettle black.
> >
> > And do we really have the technology and know how to ship/ transport
> > 250
> > feet of stone statue from Afghanistan to India that we are offering
> > bring
> > Buddha home.
> Wait a second, I am no supporter of the demolition of the Babri Masjid
> let me state clearly for the record that I wish it had not been
> But let me point out that the Masjid destruction did not appear to
> pre-meditated, and it was a situation where the crowd went out of
> Nextly, the goal of the Hindu activists there, was not to destroy the
> Mosque, but to rebuild their temple.
> Had the mosque been built somewhere else, other than on top of their
> temple -- which to them was their Mecca, their holiest of sites --
> mosque would not have had a hair touched on it.

If such a holiest of holy place is destroyed options
are very clear, fight to the last person or flee. It is
*not* keep quite, work hand in hand with the people who
destroyed the holiest of the holy place and live comfortably!
Then after few centuries wake up one fine morning and want
to re-build the holy place?

If such a holiest of holy place was destroyed it would
have become *central theme* in the literature of the
times isn't it?  has it?

> May I point out that the Bamian Buddhas pre-date the existence of
Islam in
> Afghanistan, and also were NOT BUILT ON TOP OF ANY MOSQUE!
> Furthermore, the destruction of the Buddhas is similar to the original

> CONSTRUCTION of the Babri Masjid, and not its demolition.
> Why? Because both the construction of the Babri Masjid and the current

> demolition of the Buddhas, were both acts of destroying somebody
> religious heritage. Construction of Babri Masjid was just a ruse to
> the largest temple of the HIndus, just as this current demolition of
> Buddhas is also to destroy the largest treasure of Buddhism in Central

> Construction of the Babri Masjid was certainly not an act of
> of intolerance, and likewise the destruction of the Buddhas is not an
> benevolence but of intolerance.
> I fail to see how one can keep mentioning Babri Masjid as an excuse to

> justify every new outrage of the Taliban. The Taliban are continuing
> commit newer and newer outrages, but some feel compelled to keep
> excusing them, no matter how awful they get. And these people will
> getting worse and worse, hurting more and more people, until everyone
> gathers up the courage to stand up to them.

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