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Re: Bizzare

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MV <maxv@vsnl.com> wrote:
> If Babur destroyed so many temples and lakhs & lakhs
> of infidels (vedic hindus) were sent to hell we should
> expect large scale migration of vedic hindus from the
> region conquered/ruled by Babur, is there any historic
> evidence of this?  How come there are still whole lot
> of vedic hindus living in region ruled by Babur? We all
> know that lots of them lived in what is now Pakistan
> till the time of partisian, how can that be explained?

Oh, by the way -- have you ever heard of these people known as the
They are people who fled as far afield as Europe, during the time of
invasion of the subcontinent. I think the large numbers of Gypsies who
scattered all the way to Europe, should be an adequate indication of
fleeing/migrating from the path of the Moghul invasion. Also, the fact
that a large number of people were converted. Furthermore, there was the

rise of militant backlash movements like Sikhs, etc.
Now you know why Sikhs always had to carry the knife, because otherwise
Moghuls would kill them.

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