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RE: Bizzare

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
> History tells us, when Christians where prosecuted
> in middle east some of them migrated to India. When
> Parsies were prosecuted in Persia they migrated to
> India. We all know, now there are only small number
> of Christians in middle east and Parsies in Iran.
> If Babur destroyed so many temples and lakhs & lakhs
> of infidels (vedic hindus) were sent to hell we should
> expect large scale migration of vedic hindus from the
> region conquered/ruled by Babur, is there any historic
> evidence of this?  How come there are still whole lot
> of vedic hindus living in region ruled by Babur? We all
> know that lots of them lived in what is now Pakistan
> till the time of partisian, how can that be explained?
So one piece of history you do not want to believe ?
The piece in first paragraph only you want to believe?

> If the vedic hindus did not migrate when the Mughals
> destroyed many of their temples and send lakhs of them
> to hell or when British ruled them, why are they migrating
> in large numbers from contemporary Independent India?
who are these vedic hindus?
why every destruction should necessarily result in migration?
esp when surrounded by seas all around and himalayas in north?
and where they will go.. in to the arms of perpetrators of such

> We should understand that the invasion of Mughals
> and destruction of the temples were in themselves
> a historic balancing act, it lead to the *downfall*
> of social caste system in India. It is interesting
> to note that till the caste system prevailed, vedic
> hindus did not migrate from India.... This is
> historic reality!
what an inferance ! again who are the vedic hindus ?
upper cast hindus or dominant hindus?
You think there are no sc sts among those who migrated?
And if you think Mughals destruction of temples was any balancing
act and that now migration indicates any evaporation of caste
system, why do you think there are still dominant caste groups even in
On the other hand why do you think one subgroup of SC does not dine
with another subgroup or even intermarry among those who did not migrate

why even after Babur destructed temples centuries ago,
still some fools are maintaing caste based armies in Bihar?

In the end your analysis is preconceived.Based on some
obsessions and referances to religious texts.
Caste was once simply devision of duties just like
you have now for military, police, judiciary etc.
Do you suddenly grab the chair of a bank clerk and do
Banking yourself ? No you deal there as a customer.
Do you catch a rifle and fight at Border ? No
at the most you will donate for well being of soldier's family.
Do you give judgement? no you seek it.
What if you term Police, bank clerk, military man as some caste
group of your chosen nomenclature?
Attrocities in the name of caste came in last two centuries .
Several centuries of attrocities towards down trodden is all
humbug, created by historenas. I wont say birth based duties in a
were good or better.I wont say they were any rational.They were
as irrational as earth was flat. How long we live in this 'cave' of

Please call a spade a spade.Dont link Babur and temple destruction to
You think some groups were not allowed in to temples
at the time of Babar and so there was no public reaction at the time of
destruction ?
How are you sure that no entry in to temple was not a recent social
Even if it was existing , Temple destruction was not any balancing act.

 It was simply an attack on 'ICONOCLASM'. Same in Afghanistan too now.


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