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Re: Bombing Iraq or bombing Saddam

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Sanjai Kukreti wrote:

> Well, it's mainly the Americans who call Saddam a thug. I don't know why he
> is a thug to them, when they were the ones who armed him so heavily in the
> first place.

India never took arms from the US; although the US wanted it very much.  He is
anything but like India or Indians and far from being a socialist and another
billion miles away from being a libertarian.

> So how particularly one feels about Saddam being a thug, may depend on how
> much American news media one has been reading/watching. There are other
> sides to the story.

I hope you really didn't mean this?  American media is so diverse and "free"
that its merit is greater than what you say above.  I listen to NPR and then
turn around and listen to a conservative station and then make up my own mind.

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