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Re-Revised Environmental Policy for the Manifesto

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
At 01:07 PM 3/2/01 -0800, "Komaragiri, Param (Param)** CTR **"
<param@lucent.com> wrote:

>	This is Good enough.But instead of Californea standards, it ought to
>be German Standards or Japanese standards, to sound better. Because there
>are lot of lacunae in Californea/America regarding environment standards ,
>spelt so by local environmentalists.

>we have nothing to start with
>but when we aim, our projection should be high enough, nothing short of any
>existing highest ideal..that is the idea).  

So let the revised wording be:

"To use potential global warming as an excuse to curb production and
consumption in the developing world, is misguided and unacceptable, when
most of the pollution in the past 100 years has come from the West. On the
other hand there is a tremendous role for government in minimizing the
ill-effects of human activity on the environment, including saving wild
life, hazardous waste disposal, and cleaning up of water and air. Stringent
standards, equivalent to the highest developed anywhere in the world,
whether European, Japanese or American, have to be imposed for this
purpose. We have to find ways, employ science, and educate people so that
we do not have to go through the same polluting phase in economic growth
that other developed nations have gone through. We also have to protect our
natural resources so that future generations can enjoy clean air, water,
forests, and animals."

Is it OK now?

>	Regarding teaching developed world about pollution (maintaining
>double standards) or discouraging third world abt development in the name of
>environment, such hypocracy can be predominantly from nowhere else than
>america itself. And that can not be a source of referance for us in any
>thing except in principles of market economy.

More or less the point I have been making. Thanks.


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