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RE: Revised Environmental Policy for the Manifesto

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Sanjeev,

Thank you for considering reworking our environment policy:

	> Stringent standards, equivalent to California standards, have to
be imposed for this
	>purpose. We have to find ways, employ science, and educate people
so that
	>we do not have to go through the same polluting phase in economic
	>that other developed nations have gone through. We also have to
protect our
	>natural resources so that future generations can enjoy clean air,
	>forests, and animals."

	This is Good enough.But instead of Californea standards, it ought to
be German Standards or Japanese standards, to sound better. Because there
are lot of lacunae in Californea/America regarding environment standards ,
spelt so by local environmentalists.What ever Good that is there is just an
off shoot of technology basically from Europe. And among European countries,
German standards are known to be more stringent . Alternate fuels policy,
'mass transit on railways' effort was also from Europeans in 70s, which lead
to higher  fossil fuel prices there and greater degree of mass
transportation.Ofcource this might be due to acid rains they suffered. But
the referance for us can not be america,  especially for environment related
matters. Recently americans are kept under check by Europeans in Geneva
conference about forest credits america tried to claim, to gain leverage for
more polluting development  taking forest credits. About Japan I do not know
but heard and read of it. Germany and Europe, I have seen personally.
America, is where I live now and closely follow  environment related issues
here. So in our policy referance, Germany and Japan are the two countries
which can figure as role  models.. but definitely not america. Already
environmentalists here are beating their chests for sprawling, hogfarming,
effluents entering ground water, river pollution especially in Californea,
indiscriminate ground water tapping made water precious than Gold in Las
Vegas and surrounding areas etc the list goes on.They can not be role models
for us.Infact we sail in same boat . The difference is they started rich, we
started poor. ( Even earth quake preparedness, Japanese' examples are being
projected as referance for Californeans ! OK we have nothing to start with
but when we aim, our projection should be high enough, nothing short of any
existing highest ideal..that is the idea).  

	Regarding teaching developed world about pollution (maintaining
double standards) or discouraging third world abt development in the name of
environment, such hypocracy can be predominantly from nowhere else than
america itself. And that can not be a source of referance for us in any
thing except in principles of market economy.



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