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RE: political corruption 2001...

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> please explain - will the money go to a common pool. Will some of my money
> contributed by me, a hard core liberal, go to my pet hate, the communist
> parties of india ?
> regards
> prakash
No - the money goes and stays with the same candidate (not even party) of
your choice , in to a joint account enabling him too use from, as per
stipulations I tried to mention in the document in publications, **so long
as he wins at least deposit** ( even if he loses seat  - because the design
is to cover 'expenses' of electioneering too). It does not go in to common
pool where your opponent also is benefited. Not at all.It is basically
candidate centred-- so it goes to even an independant candidate's
*election-fund* which might be called so...or some thing else. Rather you
can think it is indeed a donation to the candidate of your choise , as you
already wish to donate, in the form of buying the ticket - untill the fund
exceeds some set limit beyond which it is designated to go to ' PM Relief
fund' not any commmon pool-it is for disaster relief !



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