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Re: political corruption 2001...

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"Komaragiri, Param (Param)** CTR **" <param@lucent.com> wrote:
Dear Members of IPI :

Whether Lok Satta or any such Organisation which does yeoman service in
fighting polical corruption or bring out errors in political  process to
light,does not seem to have an answer for campaign financing reforms.No body
goes beyond the point of saying - transparancy in donations, accountability
etc. But why should any business man or industrialist donate certain amount
to a party in the first place ? with out expecting a favour however
transparant be that ? 

If there was a liberal party, I would vote for it and een contribute to its
kitty, because the benefits which I will recieve when the party is in power
will be enormous. 

- will be able to got about my business wihtout being bothered by inspectors.
- I will be able to go about my personal life without getting assailed by
"moral guardians"
- I will get better roads and law and order.

so, why shouldn't I contribte to a liberal party ?


you can project a permit to a project as a favour or
deny such genuine permit saying it is a favour by the party in power ! 
I dont say it should go alltogether.There are relaxations ofcourse.. but
donations can not be sole bread and butter of our election system.Seems
unsound to me.

politics is an inherently altruistic field. There is nothing unsound about
The lottery based Campaign financing I recommend does not contradict any

 ***Candidates who lose their deposits will not be eligible to access such
funds***  a point for refinement here please :) 

  This filters all frivolous candidates. There is nothing election
commission has to  bother about in terms of organising or monitering the
phenomena because 'Campaign Finance lottery Funding'  is simply an account
opened in a scheduled Bank, governed by certain rules ( similar to ones
spelt in my ipi publications on this topic).
All it needs  is 
1) to facilitate such procedure through legislation.
2) to run the experiment in one constituency .. may be one in each state.
3) evaluate results and implement across the Board.
4) This being a Bank accounts governed by certain rules there can be no
misappropriation of funds as some peopel fear. (the account is jointly owned
by election commission/represenattive  and candidate or atleast governed by
such and such rules).
5) It does not violate basic tenets of constitution or any law I believe ,
and there is no operational difficulty at all because all it needs is
opening an account in a bank whose funds are  Governed by rules set up for
the event.
6) 'Public participation in a democracy' is truely enshrined in this
phenomena until society becomes pure enough where 'people donate'
voluntarily for a campaign finance , which is inconceivable at this stage
.Can we expect people to count votes on voluntary basis like in america ? So
thatsit. Ofcource this system I believe works even for america or any
democracy for that matter just for the soundness of it.


please explain - will the money go to a common pool. Will some of my money
contributed by me, a hard core liberal, go to my pet hate, the communist
parties of india ?


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