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Re: Revised Environmental Policy for the Manifesto

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
"Dr. Sanjeev Sabhlok" wrote:

> Tell me also about Japan's and Germany's environment (their density is much
> higher than India's). I hope you know that India is very low in population
> density when you look across the world.
> Sanjeev Sabhlok, Ph.D.
> President and Managing Associate,
> IndiaConsult Associates,
> Melbourne, Australia.
> http://www.indiaconsult.com/

No, I am sorry, Dr Sanjeev, it is not factually correct to say that India is
"very low" in population density if one looks across the world. It is also
incorrect to say that Japan's and Germany's population density is 'much
than that of India. In reality, Japan's density at 332 is of course higher
India's at 278 per square kilometre, which is not 'much higher' and
Germany's is
227, which is lower than ours!
As per 1994 figures published by Population Division of United Nations
Secratariat, 222 number of  countries' population densities are listed out in
descending order, of which India figures at serial number 24 from the top.
Some of the countries having higher population density than India are
Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, Taiwan,Netherlands, Japan and Belgium.
Most other countries have lower density than India and they include:
Sri Lanka, Israel, UK, Germany, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea,Italy,
Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria, China, Poland, Hungary, Thailand, Indonesia,
Cuba, Austria, South Africa, Afghanisthan, Nicaragua, USA, UAE, Russia and so
many others. Canada has as low density as 3 while Australia has a population
density of 2 persons per square kilometre as per this list, as against 278 for

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