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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
why are we so naive, if not outright,  stupid not to see the real issues

and kepe hagling on senseless arithmetic. the cotre issue are as follows


a)    Yes !! it was a power purchase agreement in its true sense. Which
means persons in power were purchased.

b)    Yes !! The assest value is highly inflated. Whcih means Enron ahs
already recovered its 65 % of the equity it has put in and also by way
of tax reliefs thru Mauritius route.

c)    The only way out is an act of GOD !! ( done thru human agencies) .

I still wonder why with all the expertise of the LEFT's we are not able
to organise a strike at Dabhol? No power---NO
payment................Simple isnt it .  Perhaps we all could jointly
contribute to the workers for their salaries  for NOT working !!

d)    Enron shall be forced to clsoe dwon with no compensation slappe
don any of the Indian agencies in ONE month.

ANY  TAKERS?????????


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