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Re: Performance based Politics

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Hi Krishnan,
    I hope you must have read by other email. In case you didn't I am
inserting it at the very very end of this email again:
Here are my thought on the matter.
You are talking of performance based politics. I think we already have
free-market system which rewards somebody based on his/her performance. When
you buy any products you pay for it based on its performance. Thus, a
company or individual is paid or profits based on the performance relative
to its competition. Here the difference is we vote based on dollars or
rupees instead of actual political votes. Thus, if you want really a
performance based payment or incentives, best way would to privatize lots of
Government activies. You know why there is so much corruption in India and
other socialist countries? Government controls too much of wealth and
economy. If you really find out the corruption relative to the share of the
Government in GDP and then compare different countries India wouldn't look
so bad. The point is that corruption increases expontentially with the share
of the Government in GDP. Thus to reduce corruption in politics we will have
to redue the share of the Government in the economy. Very simple indeed.
Now about criminalization of politics! I think again here the key is to get
Government out of so many activities such as control of prostitution,
control of drugs, alcohol, narcotics, illegal arms etc. Governments bans so
many things which are simply private activities. The person who is taking
drugs is not harming anybody but himself. Still government wants to ban
drugs, alcohol etc. What happens when Government bans a purely private
activity! The prices shoot up. Why? Because government does not do anything
to the demand. Government bans the supply. When there is a gap between
demand and supply, demand being more, the prices increase. The alcoholic or
drug takers are ready to pay more. This gives lots of incentive to criminals
to get involved in the trade. Why? Because they are the people who can take
risk of violence. For their risk they can pocket the extra profit they make
out of the trade. If instead the Government decides not to ban the drugs or
Alcohol, the prices of drugs will come down. The low prices will not give
the same incentive to the criminals, simply because non-criminals can also
sell the drugs easily taking the entire incentive out of the criminals.
Besides they don't now make the same profits or no profits at all from the
drug trade. This reduces the criminal activities of the existing criminals
and also acts as a disincentive for other people to become criminals. Thus,
to protect a private person from his own activities which we believe will
harm only himself, we are thrusting violence on the entire society. The same
goes for the prostitution. Government instead of spending resources to
protect innocent women and men from getting raped against their will,
instead gives more attention to ban the prostitution. Prostitution should be
a legitimate and legal private activity because no physical force or threat
of force is used. But by baning it, Government is giving incentive for
criminals to enter the area. Prostitution is never prevented by the way,
however, the prostitutes suffer the consequences such as being the victims
of STDs and AIDs. They also help spread this diseases rapidly. Besides more
money in the prostitution is kept by the middlemen making the prostitutes
very poor and vulenerable indeed. Never mind the same criminal elements
actually pay the politicians and help get them elected.
    The rule should be very simple. Every person has a right to stretch his
arm as long as it doesn't touch somebody's chin. Moment that happens,
Government should step in. As long as an private activity does not harm or
potentially can harm others, Government has no right to do any meddling.
It is not a coincidence that the same criminals controls all of the banned
activities illegal drugs, prostitution, illegal arms, alcohol etc.
    Eventhough the violence itself is a cause sufficient to stop Govt. from
meddling in private activities, the loss of freedom is another very very
important aspect. Why should we give up our freedom to engage in  peaceful
and non-violent activities just because majority (actually only minority)
opposes them? When we actually surrender our freedom is such an easy way, it
gives Govt. and politicians an perverse incentive to stamp on our rights now
and them. Just witness the rulings by courts making it compulsory for
individuals to wear helmets while driving or riding two-wheelers. Why on the
earth does somebody want to spent tax-payer money (which is actually nothing
but only debt to be paid by our future taxpayers because govt. is bankcrupt
anyway, while millions of poor live below poverty) on saving individuals
from their carelessness about their own lives? Why? Looks like Govt. is
awash in extra money!!! Never mind, the only people who benefitted from the
Helmet ruling was the Helmet manufacturers. And I saw people buying very
dubious Helmets from road-side (costing just Rs. 20) just to keep the police
at bay. What a solution! And believe me police must have received lot of
money (hafta) from the road-side vendors. Who the hell got benefitted from
such arrangement? You talk about criminallization of politics! This is how
it starts. It has lot to do with giving our freedom.
I hope this help answer your questions. Let me know if you are not convinced
Ashish K Hanwadikar

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Subject: Re: Performance based Politics

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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> Ashish:
> What do you have in mind?. We have to start somewhere, right? Inspite of
> what one might think, there are still a few good men in Indian politics,
> institutions, who are not for sale. But it is increasingly difficult for
> them to hold out on their own , because of all the scums that surround
> You tell where do we start?
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> >Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> >Hi all,
> >     "Independent agency"! Independent of what? Independent of
> >"self-interest"! Huh, are we talking about human beings here? I think we
> >should remember that human beings are dependent on their "self-interest"
> >after all. I am sure members of this "Independent Agency" will have to be
> >paid. Who will decide their salary? What do you mean, obviously, based on
> >performance! And who will decide their "performance"? Ofcourse, another
> >"independent agency". Huh, sounds interesting to me. If we could find
> >"independent" men and women so easily there won't be problems to be
> >in the first place.
> >     You know what, if anybody can determine how well the politicians
> >"performed" in serving people, then it is people themselves. Isn't it
> >logical? Just think about it. Who else can determine if people's interest
> >have been served by politicians? Maybe, God! Catch him before he runs.
> >Because he will be afraid of such a gigantic task!
> >I don't mean to insult anybody, but it is high time that we stop thinking
> >about such childish but very well meaning proposal to reform the
> >Regards,
> >Ashish
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> >Subject: Re: Performance based Politics
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> > > Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> > > Think for a moment that all our netas are involved in politics to
> >"serve"
> > > people. How do you determine how well the politician has "performed"
> > > serving people. How do you compare one politician with other?.
> > >
> > > I suggest that there be performance based incentive for a person to
> >enter
> > > politics.
> > >
> > > Lets say that when an MLA takes office there were 100 children in his
> > > constituency out of school, if at the end of first year he is able to
> >bring
> > > that number to 50, he gets paid a bonus..
> > >
> > > Similarly performance can be judged by an independent agency on areas
> >like
> > > education improvement, employment generated, pollution abated,
> >industries
> > > opened etc in an politicians constituency..
> > >
> > > Any comments?
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Hi Krishnan,
> Political leaders maintain their party with a combination of wealth,
> cohersion and violence. They will select those who are "loyal" at the time
> of giving tickets, and continue to enjoy "loyalty" because they allow the
> MLA's to earn money by whatever means possible.
I do not agree with this statement at all. Just think about it once again.
The basis requirement of getting power is to get elected. How does one get
elected? Obviously you have to win the election. And guess what, who votes
in an election? The politicians, ofcourse! Just kidding.
Why don't we ordinary people in India take some responsibility of what is
happening. The way people complain about politicans, it looks like,
politicians are sent by the God from above. One thing I don't understand is
this, if we are so pissed about these politicians, then why we elect them in
the first place.
You want to know the real reason! Here it is! We elect politicians because
they promise us something. We sell our votes to the highest bidder. In other
words we trade our votes. It is really good bargain for us. We receive right
to vote just because we are born in this country (or someother way become
citizen of this country) and do a great favour to others by reaching 18
years of age!!! The vote is free for us. Then what do we do! We look at
different political parties and candidates. Then we look at their promises.
And then we vote based on what we think as the best person who will take
care of our interests. For example, farmers vote those candidates who
promise them free electricity and no income tax. Government employees vote
those who promise them to maintain their Govt. jobs. Trade union members
vote those who promise them strong labour policies and job protection. Never
mind lot of sick Govt. and private mills are wasting crores of tax payers
money. They don't care. I am just giving above as few examples. Almost
everybody makes voting decisions based on their self-interests. People look
to Govt. as a wealth-transferring machine. Those who are politically active
(including ordinary people) and form a vote bank can trade their votes for
transfering wealth from other members of the society to them using the Govt.
It is as simple as that.
Politicians realize this. They take their cut from the system. That's the
bottom line.
If you don't know what I mean try this scenario. Imagine somebody introduces
a bill in parliament for privatizing a loss making govt. enterprise in say
city XYZ. All city corporators and politicians of that city and probably of
that state will oppose it irrespective of which party they belong. Why? They
have support of their constituency. Since, it is a loss making enterprise,
that means there is a shortfall between the income and expenditure. Guess
who funds the loss!!!. Ofcourse,  tax payers. So the wealth is getting
transferred from majority to minority who are politically active.
And why does other people tolerate this? Very simple, they do the same
thing. They will protect their entitlements  at the cost of entire society
or nation. More politically active you are more benefit you can get from the
system. Instead of bringing in equality and removing compeition in a
society, the socialism has replaced the free market competition by political
competition, which is more dangerous. Why, simple again, it involves
violence! I involves, use of physical force (police, military, street
violence etc.).
What is the solution to this? Reduce the role of Govt. in allocating
society's resources among its inhabitants! But how you do this if people
oppose privatization, because it harms their interests. Introduce a bill in
parliament which calls for privatization of all the non-essential Govt.
resources in one shot. All-or-none. The representatives have to decide
whether to privatize everything or nothing. Imagine now the dilemma of both
representatives and the people. Everybody has to decide if privatizing
everything is overall beneficial to him/her. He has to compare benefits from
the various Govt. entitlements he is now getting versus the loss sufferred
because he/her is subsidizing the other's entitlements. Believe me it is not
a simple decision to make. If majority think that their entitlement is more
than the subsidy they are providing others, the Govt. will be proved once
and for to be efficient and overall beneficial for the society. If not,
people will realize the uselessness of Govt. in making economic decisions
and we will get more efficient system.
I just believe and hope majority will decide in favor of the former.
By brining the issue of privatization of individual Govt. enterprises the
politicians and special interests are benefitting. Because they know very
well their beneficiary constituency will never support such privitazation.
This helps them in control of the situation. Their turn this simple
situation into a rich cash cow!!!! But again the main reason is the people
who support such thing. Not the politicians.
I hope this really helps.

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Subject: Re: Performance based Politics

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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> But think about this,
> Most political parties in India are run by the "popularity" of one or more
> of its members., Like Jayalalitha for instance runs AIADMK. If Jaya gets
> some divine intervention and decideds that she will give party tickets
> to people who are honest, decent and suitable for the job, She can in one
> gaint stroke make all politicians "clean"
> She can also give 30% of tickets to women, there is no need for any
> reservation dramas...
> But things are not simple, Jaya can only demand so much power, AIADMK is
> with Jaya because, she has amassed wealth and the people of Tamilnadu are
> stupid and ignorant!
> Every job, project, posting is viewed with an aim to make money by these
> MLA's. I am sure that, each of the MLA's pay some monthly fee for their
> ticket to the "political leaders".
> In the process, If some one is willing to a pay, these politicians will
> their mother also.
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