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EDUCATION ned to be better understood

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
EDUCATION: Nearly 50% of population of poor countries is uneducated. =
Awareness' of education is still lacking in some rural areas where =
poverty level is high. Many families don't afford to send their children =
to schools rather they prefer sending children to work for want of money =
or to clear debt obligations. For them even if school education is made =
free will not solve purpose due to poverty. Also social evil like bonded =
labour and debt payment forces them to think only work. These areas =
should be given special attention and facilities of study and earn. =
Children of poor should be avoided to go to work.


=B7        Governments taking help of international organizations and =
NGO's is purposeful to identify areas where the bonded and slavery =
exists most. Work on to penalize who forces poor to work on these terms. =
Insurance and finance sectors should be encouraged to promote their =
schemes in rural villages.

=B7        In areas where less interest is shown poor parents are unable =
to send children for education due to survival problem Government and =
NOG'S to introduce study and earn. Items may be identified from those =
areas, which are suitable to young child. It would be rather educational =
apprenticeship in playing way with basic education. It is not crime but =
support to a needy child and better understanding of crisis of child =

=B7        Or to identify the poor parents, who don't send their =
children to work due to financial crisis, support by donation to educate =
their children. It is little tricky as some parents may take money and =
don't send child to school. In such cases donations to be based on =
school attendance. Come to school and earn

=B7        Some of interior rural villages have primary education =
schools far- far away and are hard to reach. Urban high schools and =
college students can be of grate help. Not only the rural children are =
educated but it also provides opportunity to urban students for social =
involvement with rural population. To my opinion it should be made =
mandatory as higher education becomes purposeful which updates the =
plights and brings ideas of solutions. This would be a right step to =
involve them in socio economic.=20

=B7        Constructive education system is still lacking in many =
countries especially poor and developing countries. Our high schools, =
collage and higher education students at present are indulged mainly in =
theories and books written many years back. Without social involvement =
in the field selected, study is purposeless. Social involvement is =
research and highlight of problem is solution. As the time changes the =
needs also change, study should be in accordance. Many areas are still =
untouched considering as less important or unknown. I give a small =
example of sports, is treated as wastage of time in poor countries on =
the other hand this area is now one of the most paying. Children study =
zoology in schools but zoos in many parts are in pathetic condition, =
student's apparent involvement will certainly be highly beneficial. =
Similarly many areas are unknown if opened will definitely open fields =
of employment. Systemized education according to modern and future needs =
will definitely give birth to scientists, explorers and inventors to =
poor countries. As students are directly in touch with the practical =
world along with their theories they will be able to learn better of =
problems and find ways to solutions. Students should be encouraged to =
make study reports that need to be discussed, examined. Government's =
success is when identified the problem and that opens way to solve.

=B7         Roll of a school is to develop raw child to perfect. But =
present system implication in poor and developing countries is that =
perfect (high marks) child is given opportunity to get enrolled to good =
schools or collages and if the child is less than the expectations is =
asked to seek T.C (I call removal certificate). Purpose of schools is =
irrelevant if child's taste is not developed or child is not made to fit =
the world. It is schools, which are responsible for child's growth. As a =
result of education societies inefficient policies students are duped. =
After ranking highest in schools and collages, child's expectation to =
have better opportunities in real life is failed, as what studied is =
different from new apparent life. This is where children feel deprived =
and one of the causes of unemployment among literates.=20

Education and need of education be better studied as is the instrument =
of the countries growth. =20




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