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Re: Simply unbelievable!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Well done!!

How about someone working on the MCD ?

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Subject: Simply unbelievable!
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 05:21:44 -0700 (PDT)

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
The volunteers of Parivartan did it!

The dharna in Income Tax Department was extremely successful. The entire
was shaken right at the roots. 7 Chief Commissioners of Income Tax were
for three hours to find a solution to dharna and ultimately decided to 
They have asked us to collect copies of instructions on 13th of this month.
other commitments made in Delhi High Court, which they were not 
will also be implemented by then.

It began at 9.15 am when 30 volunteers of Parivartan assembled at Central
Building at ITO in Delhi. At 10.00 am, they marched upto the Chief
room and sought an appointment. He refused to meet us. He directed us to his
Additional Commissioner. We asked the Additional Commissioner to give us the
copies of instructions purported to have been issued as per the affidavit
in Delhi High court. They claimed that these instructions were confidential
cannot be shown. We argued that how could the instructions which are meant
public be confidential. They did not listen. Dissatisfied, we sat outside 
Chief Commissioners room. The Chief Commissioner immediately called us in. 
had 55 minutes meeting with us and tried to persuade us that we do not 
on the implementation of this affidavit and that he is working very hard and
will remove corruption from the department in 3 months. We, however, 
on the implementation of the affidavit. He said that he is not aware of the
of the affidavit. We told him that we were sitting outside peacefully and he
could discuss it with his officers.

It was a long day. Informal and inside information reveals that actually, no
such instructions have been issued. It was a false affidavit filed by them.
kept looking for some face saving measure the whole day. Some mediamen also
up and made things difficult for them.

At 5.30 pm, we were again called in. There were 7 Chief Commissioners 
inside. It seems they had been having meeting for the last 3 hours to find a
solution to our dharna. They again started beating around the bush. For one
they refused to come to the point and were doing only sweet talk. In the 
our volunteers got up and came out. One Chief Commissioner came out running
assured that all the instructions will be put on the notice board and
in the media by the 13th of this month in 10 days time. He requested us to
and collect it on 13th.

To remind you, Parivartan had filed a PIL in Delhi High Court on the issue 
harassment and corruption faced by small taxpayers in getting their refunds,
PAN, tax clearance certificates etc. Parivartan had also suggested certain
which if implemented, would drastically reduce corruption in these areas. In
response, the Chief Commissioner filed an affidavit on 19th April, 2001. 
affidavit stated that

1.	Instructions have been issued to all the officers to issue refunds in
order in accordance with return receipt numbers.
2.	Instructions have been issued to all the officials to dispose 
from the public within the time limits specified in the Citizens Charter.
3.	The return receipt numbers upto which refunds have been issued by the end
of the previous month will be displayed on the notice boards of the
in the interest of transparency.

However, in practice, the Department did not implement any of these 
No such instructions were issued. If these measures are implemented
it will bring relief from corruption and harassment to a large number of
taxpayers especially the salaried class.

It was in order to get these measures implemented that we sat on dharna

Three cheers to the entire team. Three cheers to those also who could not
directly but had sent their signed letters as a part of signature campaign.

Lets all unite to make India better


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