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Re: Performance based Politics

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> Gagan wrote ( Jun 27 ):
> >
> > The idea should be to seperate Politics from economics.
> >
> And Dr.T.C.Chandran on 06/24/2001:
> > politician assumes office he should be given specific targets which he
> > should achieve if he wants to keep his job. His performance should be
> > evaluated by an independent commission consisting of top ranking highly
> > respected professionals of the country who are free of politics.
> And K Kandasamy wrote:
> > Think for a moment that all our netas are involved in politics to
> > people. How do you determine how well the politician has "performed" in
> > serving people. How do you compare one politician with other?.
> Shouldn't the idea be to dissolve politics and economics into one ? And
> doesn't FREE and FAIR ELECTIONS solve most of the problems ??
> Padmanabha Rao

We have discussed it many times over, elections will not
solve any problems but democracy can! Democracy does not
mean all of us going and casting our votes for one of the
candidates, the political parties *gives* ticket to....
we have to be the people who decide the *ticket*. In it's
present form the world's largest democracy is just
name sake.

Unless political parties enrol members, collect membership
fee which forms the entire funding of the party, true
democracy cannot exist, this means, if the funding comes
from sources other than the membership fee, those source/s
of funding will decide who gets the *ticket* to contest
the elections.

Path to true democracy is membership fee based political
party. If people of India want performance from political
leaders, then we should be willing to pay for it. If citizens
of India pays, they will get performance, otherwise whoever
else pays will get the performance....


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