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FW: Democracy Assessment Questionnaire On-line

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Thought this might be of interest to participants.

prabhu guptara

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From: m.ericson [mailto:m.ericson@idea.int] 
Sent: Montag, 26. Februar 2001 09:02
Subject: Democracy Assessment Questionnaire On-line

> How Democratic is Your Country?
> A democracy assessment questionnaire is now available on-line at
> International IDEA's website (www.idea.int). This framework can be used to
> assess critically your own democracy, both its strengths and challenges.
> The questionnaire is a simplified version of the assessment tool from
> International IDEA's programme on the 'State of Democracy'. It is designed
> to give a profile of the condition of democracy in countries from every
> region in the world. The intention is to help people understand and
> evaluate the different dimensions and functions of a democracy, and what
> is involved in a democracy assessment. The results of the questionnaire
> will not place countries in a ranking order. 
> "Democracy is like a tree that must be constantly watered and fertilized,
> in order for it to grow and become strongly anchored in a society's
> culture", says Patrick Molutsi, Senior Executive at International IDEA.
> "The people best placed to care for democracy in a country are its own
> citizens, and they do so by constantly monitoring democratic progress.
> This internationally designed monitoring tool is intended to help people
> improve their own democracy. "
> By sending the results to International IDEA you can help the Institute
> build up a profile of citizens' assessments of democracies around the
> world. We would also welcome comments about the assessment framework so
> that we can continue to improve it.
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> The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
> (International IDEA) exists to nurture, sustain and promote democracy
> around the world. Global in membership and scope, independent of specific
> national interests, and quick in its response, International IDEA is an
> intergovernmental organization with a unique mandate - to support the
> growth of genuine, sustainable democracy. 
> For more information about International IDEA, contact:
> Mark Salter, Press Officer
> International IDEA, Strömsborg, 103 34 Stockholm, Sweden
> Phone +46-8-698 37 00, Fax: +46-8-20 24 22
> E-mail: info@idea.int Website: http://www.idea.int

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