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Re: Cease fire - what for ?

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In my opinion,the ceasefire has nothing to do with giving peace a chance. 
Neither is it solely to please the international community, although that is 
an added bonus.

The real reason is to stop search and cordon operations. This means that the 
nuisance that the army has been posing to the local populance will stop, and 
hence slowly the mood of the local kashmiri population will shift towards 
India when they begin to realize what it would be like if there was complete 
peace and no army knocking on their door at all hours.

This hopefully will mean that they will realize that the benefits of peace 
far outweigh whatever perceived benefits they get by housing terrorists and 
providing ideological support to the insurgency. If there is no local 
support to the insurgents, it is a known fact that the terrorist threat will 
be wiped out in no time.

Although this is a good strategy, this is largely a game of diminishing 
returns because the terrorists will have a chance to regroup etc.. Whether 
the Indian govt. has gone too far in extending the ceasefire by 3 months, 
only time will tell.


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