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Cease fire - what for ?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
What will cease file achieve ? as a common man on the street I would
Govt forces are tied up of their hands while militants go berserked.
doubt how sensible is the cease fire when it is not taken seriously at
by militants.Unless of course it is intended to  please international
community at the cost of few civilian lives and armed forces.

The war heroes of Kargil lost their lives not just for the battle. Much
the loss was due to inefficiency.Inefficiency in not providing them with

proper winter clothing, proper diet, proper communication, and lack of
coordination.Value of life even if it is for war, whether of civilian or

that of a policeman, army Javan seems insignificant in the minds of our
planners and politicians.

This ' Docile at Core ' image building syndrome with Indian Govt seems
ending who ever be in Power.The same syndrome prevailed upon our army
as I remember vaguely when Indira Gandhi called for withdrawal of  our
Offensive when armed forces were on victory spree in '71, were about to
over some substantial amount of Geographic terrain in to our fold .

May be it is some very deep policy matter .. beyond a common man's


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