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Re: My beloved India

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
sdcvamsi@yahoo.com wrote:
> > Or do you suggest we go whole hog and declare sanctions against the
US >>and its  companies?
> Are you mad?  Do you know the size of the US economy vs. Indian
economy?  >If India puts sanctions on US there are 10 other countries
willing to sell >it the same goods and services.  As far as the US is
concerned the Indian >economy doesn't even exist.

I think you are completely wrong. Indian economy has become very
important for US and Clinton is in record saying so, mentioning that
Indian middle class numbers are equal to US population, and hence the
importance of Indian economy. This is precisely why US is pressing so
much with all the nonsense(for Indians) of WTO/MNCs/Globalisation etc.
Don't support them so much and if you do not know about these things, it

will be good that you read some unbiased material on the subject and you

will see the facts.
Infact India should take the lead saying no the repayment of loans given

for Arms and such violent hardwares. The world will follow India. This,
my friend, is going to happen in this world. It is for India to decide
to take the lead or follow others in future. For the present we don't
have politicians with back-bone, or for that matter, we don't have
politicians since the crooks have taken oevr the country - thanks to the

indifference of people.
Peace, Force & Joy!                           Sudhir Gandotra
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