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RE: free trade: a debate

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Bravo MV,
	***When energy becomes base of currency, one kg of
> rice produced using fertilisers, pesticides, fossil
> fuels etc will cost more than one kg of rice produced
> using organic farming isn't it?  It will automatically
> apply the *correction* in favour of eco-friendly ways
> of production of wealth in all aspects of economy not
> just the production of rice, isn't it good for all
> the people who live on this planet?***
Can you please elaborate for example how can wages of a teacher can be
determined ? will it not be too cumbersome to calculate energy input of an
agricultural laborer who works on several 'plants' to yield certain grains
whioch have consumed so-many calories etc.. but how abt the calories he has
spent from his body? Suppose his body calories prove to be less compared to
tractor calories then he loses profit in the higher cost ? or gains in the
higher yield? 

The concept indeed seems Genius re-surfaced but some where I am afraid I am
missing the fundamental abt such standardisation.
But am almost sure this is what has to come in the future.


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