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Re: bleading mines

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Great Stuff Param.
Any such beginning in a state like Bihar may be difficult to implement
immediately though. Here you have a goonda raj of the non Chaddiwala
And these goondas unlike the Chaddi's don't give up their goondgardi
when in power.
A. Guru

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Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2001 1:01 AM
Subject: bleading mines

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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

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> Dear Members of ipi :
> Mining is one industry where profit can be measured but not safety in
> terms
> of costs.
> Coal mining continues to be our economy back bone for few more decades

> so we
> can not do away with them.
> Recent tragedies in coal mines in BCCL are another set of tragedies
> show relfections of our inefficient systems.
> http://www.rediff.com/news/2001/feb/19spec.htm
> system fails because of following reasons.
> 1) Manual labor in mines still continues. They are large in numbers,
> hence
> suddenly can not be fired in our current
>    set up. Because of heavy payroll load, there is no money left for
> investment, no expansion or mechanisation possible.
>    This breads apathy , laxity and corruption.
> 2) The stress of BIFR, impending privatisation looming on tempts the
> officials who are already unscrupulous,
>    to show out right negligence in safety.
> 3) Mines inspectorate, which is a statutory authority to oversea
> is
> rotten in corruption, impotent in
>    execution except in building up post mortem charge sheets after any

> accident, sending officials running around courts.
> 4) No mine inspector closes a mine or threatens to close despite
> all
> the powers in their hands.For obvious reasons
>   of unholy nexus with mafia , politicians, and mine authorities .
> 5) Added to all this is Mafia and now Naxalism spread to several
> !
> Remedy :
> 1) Phase out all hand-section mines. Rehabilitate existing workmen
>    by imparting training on new trends or give golden shake-hands.
> 2) Rapid mechanisation of all underground mines.
> 3) General Manager should also be in charge of 'safety'. This is
> fundamental.
>    Usually the case is an officer is made incharge of 'safety' for
> sake, who comes to the scene
>    of accident either to be made scapegoat or to do some petty work on

> safety which goes unrecognised.
> 4) Be it coal industry or any industry.. the responsibility of
> of
> persons or work, of environment
>   should be shouldered by the same people who are responsible for
> profit.If
> it is an IAS officer or any one from
>   same descipline.. safety should be the first department under his
> charge
> .. then only any body else.
> 5) Revamp Coal Mine Regulations act of 1957 . In 1957 there is hardly
> any
> mechanised mine except in Neyveli.
>  So the regulations stipulated in the act are merely copy-overs of
> earlier
> British regulations. Now every where
>  in Europe, such mines are all 'closed'  for good. We still have them,

> hand
> in hand we have lot of mechanised
>  mining also going on every where in the country.. but we are still
> governed
> by same old inappropriate lines in
>  the act of 1957 which is no match with current requirements .
> 6) Annual inspection of Mining or any Industry by an  'Independant,
> outside
> agency'  which can submit a report
>  to concerned ministry direct, with a copy to press on demand
> (Transparancy)
> .
> 7) Build entertainment, tourism industry around mines areas to absorb
> displaced work force to some extent - which will
>    display range of mining related artifacts static and live models
> .Incentivised all such investments.
>    Such entertainment industry may incorporate museums, teaching
> models,live
> models for display of all the kind of machinery used in    mines which

> offers an education medium as well as tourist attraction- this
> by
> state of art entertainment parks around mines.
> I would imagine going on a tour to such place, look around all museums

> which
> display mining machinery from
> age old hungarian technology to current Draglines.. all live models,
> tour
> around on merry-go-round trains, enjoy eateries,
> buy souveniers like T-shirts printed with different mine machinery or
> related images, hence contribute to
> stimulation of alternate vibrant economy along with satisfying my
> holiday
> zeal.
> *****
> I do not know how relevant is such a topic on ipi in terms of
> or
> reaction but I personanly
> know how relevant it is to India and the related industry in
> general.There
> might be some members who
> have contacts of relevance. Hence the post.
> Thanks
> Parameswar

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