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global warming...

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Following lines about 'environment' in our manifesto were always bewildering
to me.
iv) Environment: 
There is no shred of evidence of global warming, and the excuse being used
by some "environmentalists" to curb production and consumption in the
developing world is a misguided and even mischievous. On the other hand
there is a tremendous role of government in environmental planning including
saving the wild life. Efforts have to be focused on hazardous waste
disposal, and cleaning up the water and air. 
The news clip below is the latest news item on Global warming related
issues. In fact when it is common knowledge that
CO2 causes global warming to the extent of that piece of information taught
to kids in schools, it is no kidding to say there is no shred
of evidence.. (unless the intent of the sentence was some thing else.. ie
against the manoeuvering of developed world
using such intrument 'against' developing world in a chosen way).



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