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My beloved India

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

A Guru wrote:

> Sure Mr. Vamsi we are talking of Indian Democracy or IPI democracy.

Since when is India a Democracy?

> May I add most Indians (other than those related in some way or the other to
> the Middle East money), don't know even of what the whole hula bulla is in
> Iraq is all about.

Ya, I can believe that.

> Personally I am fed up with the era where we were the main upholders of
> morals. For example see our role in the apartheid crash in S Africa.Were we
> responsible for the crash? Did the people of S Africa really believe
> ourrole? Have they acknowledged the same? Did the common Indian man really
> benefit from it?

I agree, why waste the lives of good and brave men with rickety old Soviet

> Or do you suggest we go whole hog and declare sanctions against the US and
> its  companies?

Are you mad?  Do you know the size of the US economy vs. Indian economy?  If
India puts sanctions on US there are 10 other countries willing to sell it the
same goods and services.  As far as the US is concerned the Indian economy
doesn't even exist.

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