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Bombing Iraq or bombing Saddam

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I don't understand the world's reaction against bombing Saddam.

Clearly, US policy in the past has not worked and it probably won't ever
work.  But what to do about a thug like Saddam?  What gives him anymore
right or reason than any civilized nation to slaughter his own people?
Saddam has been systematically wiping out those who question him -
people like you and I.  How does one contain such an aggressor?  There
are various options but what is now being implemented is nothing short
of moronical.

Saddam could have been contained in the following manner:
1. impose no sanctions at all - putting sanctions on a totalitarian
system would only concentrate more power and abuse among a few - hence,
the population suffers; which is what has been happening in Iraq for the
past 10 years.
2. With no sanctions in place, strategically bomb and destroy Saddam's
military hardware and installations and keep doing it until the chorus
of opposition to his regime grows from within Iraq.

The reasoning here is this: Saddam would become less of a hero if he
tries to prevent his people from pursuing non-military opportunities
that will be abundantly available due to lack of sanctions at a time
when military life has become riskier.  However, the situation now is
such that the people of Iraq are caught between a thug and an idiot -
with the idiot recklessly spewing sanctions while the thug slaughters
his own people from within.

This is why I don't understand the world's reaction and claiming either
side to be a "victim" when it is really the people who are being taken
for a ride!!

Vamsi M.

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