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Re: Power Sector Deals

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Thanks to Manish Gupta, I now know the guidelines on axes. It would have 
been better if those guidelines were explicitly posted somewhere and 
followed for everyone.
(remember Kanwal Rakhi article being posted here with a one liner by some 

I also noticed that Mr.Manish Gupta  doesn't like slander against BJP/RSS or 
those other t***.

I ask what is the point in being polite?. When Mr.Sanjay called us all 
leftist, that was not name calling?.

Oh! please spare us your divine intervention. and who gave you that 

Yes BJP and the whole lot of Sena's are  thugs and will drive us into dark 
ages, while there supporters and relatives live in comfortable foreign 
lands. What hypocrisy?

Now, the following is very important for the discussion on FDI.

In an controlled and semi-open business environment like India, FDI with 
contracts can cause a lots of pain to the average Indian while the Babus, 
and netas thrive on ill-gotten wealth.

Each FDI deal signed involves tons of bribes to anybody who is a  Peon right 
upto the Political czars.

How many crores of poor Indian tax payers money is spent on these stupid and 
crazy deals, and in buying rust buckets from Russia (the Aircraft carrier 

excerpts from an article that appeared on Poweronline.com written by Tim 
That makes Enron’s prices commensurately more burdensome to Maharashtrans, a 
real back-breaker. Don’t believe me? Fellas, Indian per capita vehicle 
ownership is roughly 0.9% that of the U.S., per capita overall energy 
consumption 3.7%. There’s no way they can pay Dabhol’s prices.

But that isn’t the real breaker. See, if Enron hangs really tough, enforces 
the contract all the way down, the power developer will simply be seen as a 
latter-day colonialist, which is already occurring. Enron’s gonna have to 
move fast and generous if it wants to shed that reputation.

Don’t worry. India knows all about this—much, much better than anyone else. 
It has seen foreigner after foreigner over several centuries walk in and rip 
it off courtesy of the foreigner’s contracts. This type of behavior is 
called exploitation—to put it bluntly.


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