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Re: Japan's New Posture Could Benefit India

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prakash chandrashekar <prakash7uc@rediffmail.com> wrote:
> Mr Kukreti,
> Not much to say abou the content, but the subject "jpan's ... benefit
> india" is misleading. agreed, we are far from a free market, but
> economic jingoism ( known here as swadeshi)anywhere will NOT benefit
> india. If indian dhurries or matgrass were the issue of contention,
> this new posture would have been against us, instead.
> We have to accept the fact that China is a very able and agile
> production center. we have to compete - on the grounds of price and
> quality. One person's loss does not become another's profit. the
> agitation in japan was for indegenous japanese producers. I wonder how

> that sentiment would be in India's favour
> regards
> prakash

No man, I didn't say that India could benefit from becoming
I said that India could benefit from the growing strains in the

As Japan grows increasingly hostile towards China, that will certainly
India's interests. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Strategic
between Japan and India could certainly benefit us, as Japan is a
technologically superior power.

Btw, I think that China has many unfair trade practices and barriers of
own, and I believe that such unfairness should be replied to, tit for
It's no good for us to be the only honest kids, and get robbed in the

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